The Amount Of Unfair And Unjust Laws In America Is Staggering…



No person could possibly know all the what I would call “unjust laws” that a majority of American people will never even so much as hear of unless they are unfortunate enough to break one of them in the presence of an officer who happens to themselves be aware of the law you are breaking.

As the list grows it will become harder to do I’m sure. Some only carry a financial burden but some in my eyes are really disturbing. Take CISPA for example, it violates privacy and even requires you to give up all social media passwords and usernames if asked by an employer as well as allowing corporations to access your computer remotely and without restraint!


USA Today reports:

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Ignorance of the law, we are often told, is no excuse. “Every man is presumed to know the law,” says a long-established legal aphorism. And if you are charged with a crime, you would be well advised to rely on some other defense than “I had no idea that was illegal” but not everybody favors this state of affairs. While a century or two ago nearly all crime was traditional common-law crime (rape, murder, theft and other things that pretty much everyone should know are bad). Nowadays we face all sorts of “regulatory crimes” in which intuitions of right and wrong play no role, but for which the penalties are high.


If you walk down the sidewalk, pick up a pretty feather, and take it home, you could be a felon, if it happens to be a bald eagle feather. Bald eagles are plentiful now, and were taken off the endangered species list years ago, but the federal law making possession of them a crime for most people is still on the books, and federal agents are even infiltrating some Native-American powwows in order to find and arrest people. ( feathers from lesser-known birds, like the red-tailed hawk are also covered) Other examples abound, from getting lost in a storm and snowmobiling on the wrong bit of federal land, to diverting storm sewer water around a building.

“Regulatory crimes” of this sort are incredibly numerous and a category that is growing quickly. They are the ones likely to trap unwary individuals into being felons without knowing it. That is why Michael Cottone, in a just-published Tennessee Law Review article, suggests that maybe the old presumption that individuals know the law is outdated, unfair and maybe even unconstitutional. “Tellingly,” he writes, “no exact count of the number of federal statutes that impose criminal sanctions has ever been given, but estimates from the last 15 years range from 3,600 to approximately 4,500.” Meanwhile, according to recent congressional testimony, the number of federal regulations (enacted by administrative agencies under loose authority from Congress) carrying criminal penalties may be as many as 300,000.


The average person can not be expected to know essentially the whole of the law when it fills tens of thousands of pages and lawyers themselves have to specialize, it’s ignorance to expect anyone to. That being said again it leads back to cash- imagine the sheer amount of revenue that is brought in yearly by lesser known laws, it must be staggering.

Rolling back the runaway administrative state is an issue that can unite people of good will from both sides of the political spectrum. Sadly so many are blindly following along and not paying attention and it only leaves a small number of us to speak against them. We WILL NOT be silent even though it leads us to be labeled as “domestic terrorists” in many cases. It’s alright in our eyes because we do what we do for the future generations and I for one will not waver. III%



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