Today people are waking up to the fact that Big Tech is the greatest threat to humanity and freedom as we know it.  The purge of those guilty of wrongthink is upon us. If Big Tech can do it to Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America. Big Tech can and will do it to you.

Do you still have a profile on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Do you have a backup of your profile and data? If not you need to do so right now.

There are many who have seen this purge coming for years.  Most have been victim to the censorship and digital assassinations though deplatforming by Big Tech for the crime of wrongthink.


Then there are those of us who have been working diligently to expose Big Tech to those behind the levers of power within government. Sadly we have seen our pleas fall on deaf ears. Do nothing politicians who talk a big game yet in reality do nothing aside raise money have pandered to us.


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Others sought to create a free market solution to the threat  that the Big Tech poses to humanity. One such company is Vomvos, created as platform for free speech. It was founded by a diverse freedom loving team who truly believe the ability to share thoughts and ideas then debate them is the foundation of society.  The entire premise of Vomvos is to BE FREE.

Vomvos BE FREE

Freedom is a choice that only you can make. Will you choose to be free?

Vomvos took many of the features that people have grown to love about social media and online digital communications and put them together in one place. There is the news feed of Facebook, the image feed of Instagram, video feed of YouTube , the ability for content creators to monetize their efforts like Patreon, secure peer to peer video messaging and group video chat functionality like Zoom.

Vomvos was founded with the sole purpose to connect people, empower users, businesses, organizations and content creators free of censorship, data abuse and privacy violations. Freedom of thought and speech are the most fundamental human rights.



Most importantly, Vomvos does not sell your data unlike the now deplatformed Parler. On Vomvos anyone can open a creator account and monetize their content. Vomvos is unlike Clouthub where you must be approved by Clouthub management to even start a channel. Another unique fact about Vomvos is that it is not an echo chamber and they have a very diverse mix of users and creators.

With Vomvos you are in control of your data. You are in control of what you choose to see or choose not to see. You are in control of your feed. There are no algorithms that seek to suppress information that some woke tech tyrant deems wrongthink. Content creators are no longer a slave to an algorithm when simply trying to connect to their own fans. Post reach is 100% organic and anyone who chooses to follow you will see all of your posts.


The newest feature that Vomvos just rolled out was the ability to import your Facebook profile.   After you create a user account on Vomvos  you can import your Facebook profile using the edit profile settings.

Ditch Facebook

Download Your Facebook Profile and Choose to BE FREE on Vomvos.

Once your profile has been imported all of your posts, pictures and videos are then populated into your feed with their original day and times all in chronological order. It’s like you have been on Vomvos the entire time.

The ability to import Instagram and Twitter profiles is coming up next. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes to include a Vomvos mobile device that is not an apple or android product. Vomvos has been funded entirely by it’s founders and their supporters.  They have been able to do this via their own crowdfunding efforts using their own platform.

If you want to finally BE FREE from Big Tech and support their efforts you can do so by clicking this link. 

It’s time to enjoy social media again… without the filthy Communist censorship!


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God Bless.

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