The IRS, The Old Man And His Attorney… This Is HILARIOUS!

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We here at America’s Freedom Fighters like to take a break from the every day problems we all deal with when it comes to the troubles our country and world are facing and like they say, ‘Laughter is GOOD MEDICINE!’ We hope you enjoy! Dean James III%


An old man is met by his attorney, and is told he is going to be audited.

He rides to the IRS office with his attorney, and when he gets there, he begins to talk with the IRS agent.


“I bet $2,000 I can bite my own eye!” The old man says.

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The IRS agent agrees to the bet, believing it an impossible task.

The old man laughs, pulls out his glass eye, and bites it.

The IRS agent is pissed.


The old man bets $3,000 he can bite his other eye.

The IRS agent knows there’s no way possible to do this, so he takes the bet.

The old man cackles, pulls out his dentures, and bites his eye.

Down $5000 the IRS agent is fuming!


Then the old man finally wagers, “I bet $20,000 I can stand on the far side of your desk, pee over the desk, and get it into your wastebasket, without missing a single drop.”

The agent knows he won’t be able to this and knows he’ll win this one for sure!

The old man indeed misses, peeing all over the desk, and on the paperwork.

The IRS agent jumps for joy, but then notices the old man’s attorney over in the corner freaking out.

“Are you all right dude?” asks the agent.

“HELL NO! On the way over here, the old man bet me $400,000 he could pee on your desk and you’d be happy about it!”


LMAO! We hope you enjoyed this and want you to pass it on! God Bless!

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