With the country in shambles, Obamacare failing miserably, Iran getting fist fulls of American tax payers money while continuing to build nukes, illegals flooding in across our borders and getting paid to be here and taking jobs among hundreds if not thousands of other problems and scandals what does Barack Hussein Obama do? But of course-he goes on yet another tax payer funded vacation to… you guessed it, Hawaii! You know, the state he was born in!

Let’s talk money here folks, shall we? It has been estimated that each time the Obama’s take their annual trip to Hawaii the cost is on average $4 million. That figure is most likely lower than the actual cost to tax payers but we will go with the $4 million figure here, I mean $4 million is not chump change!

When the average American works all year and we discuss where and when we will take our vacation if it is even possible to do so and make sure all of our affairs are in order first. We consider the budget-gas, food, lodging, airfare and those sort of things and we certainly don’t go if we have serious problems that require our immediate attention. For example-if our house has a major plumbing leak or is on fire we don’t say “oh well-let’s go to Hawaii!”

But the Obama’s are special. The Obama’s are royalty. The Obama” are the elite. The Obama’s care about themselves first and the country last. And money is no object to this President. We all know this and many of us are infuriated by his lack of leadership and his reckless decision making. I could go on but I am getting off point.

One has to wonder if their dog will fly separately or for that matter if Michelle will take a separate jet-why not? They don’t have to spend a single dime of their own-Aloha…

Written by Clark Kent


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