I’ve seen so much confusion as to what the American patriots actually stand for. Many on the left accuse the state militia of pushing for a civil war but this is not the case at all. It is however our responsibility as citizens to not only have a nation of armed citizens ready to defend our borders against not only foreign threats but also domestic. It is our right to preserve the American way of life for future generations.

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“As faith in the government continues to erode, people are starting to want to go back … to the real intention of the constitution,” Three Percent co-founder Mike Morris told VICE during the October taping of the show. “The original intent of the Second Amendment was that the American citizen would be as armed and as prepared as the government itself.”

Militia groups are on the government’s radar and considered by officials to be breeding grounds for right-wing extremism and domestic terrorism. But it’s not just the Obama Administration that has been keeping tabs on the groups. A report written by the Department of Homeland Security under the Bush Administration and not published until Obama’s first term when then Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano took office – and subsequently criticized the agency for the report – outlined concerns that right-wing militia groups were possibly recruiting veterans, CNN reported.

This is not to be confused by people who have no idea what it means to be an oath keeper. People who don’t know should ask someone, assumptions lead to misunderstandings which lead to more division. Educate yourselves before opening your mouths! We also have too many people who are running around social media calling for an uprising against our government making us all look bad. That is not a true oath keeper. No one wants bloodshed and should be a last resort.


That being said our founding fathers left the second amendment in place for such times that a tyrannical government took too much control and honestly in my eyes we are on the verge of a new revolutionary war  it if things don’t change. As an American who took an oath to protect the constitution and the citizens of our great nation I make a plea to our elected officials to hear our voices and remember you work for us. We only have an allegiance to the 50 stars on our flag which represent the states and it’s people.

We train for a day that all of us hope never comes but in the society we live in today with our government labeling citizens who speak against their actions as domestic terrorist to global threats such as Islamic extremists who are about the destruction of our nation, we can only pray for the best but we must prepare for the worst.

“Today we need a nation of minute men; citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.” -John F.Kennedy

These words never rang anymore true than today… ~Blaze @ AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS 

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