BREAKING: The Secret Behind The Afghanistan Pull Out No One Wants To Tell YOU- We Break Down The Facts And It Will SCARE You [VIDEO]

It seems like an eternity ago when we all watched in horror as the troops pulled out over night in Afghanistan.



We were told that by the Obiden administration that these were the plans set into motion by former President Trump and his administration. But like many lies from the White House, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

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Many of you probably have noticed on social media why the leftist bots can’t let go of the sad events of January 6th. They bring it up as the counter to EVERYTHING they want to argue online about. Why are these people so stuck on a event that has been thoroughly debunked?


One reason they are stuck on this date is because they’re just mental nut jobs and can’t understand what real violence is. Remember, these are the same people that equal mass genocide to the that or misgendering a mentally ill person. What do I mean by that? Well, they think if you call a dude in a dress who thinks he’s pretty a dude, you’re mis-gendering them, and that is unacceptable to these whack jobs.


These are the same people who said wear a mask, save lives until we get the vaccine. Now the vaccines are here and some of you are still being forced to wear masks. That’s not enough though, its now onto booster shots and that booster shot may need more booster shots, all while double masking. Of course none of this is based on any science outside of the quack Doctor Fauci who they worship as a God.


Now we have the beginnings of what looks to be a more clear picture of why we pulled all the troops out of the longest war in United States history. We recently reported how the Attorney General of the United States issued a letter to the FBI to weaponize them against average Americans.



President dementia also is pushing against troops who refuse his clot shot and isn’t allowing even religious exemptions for the troops. This Communist administration isn’t even keeping in tradition of waiving those who are getting ready to retire and are no longer deployable. These cultists are actually pushing for the troops to be DISHONONORABLY DISCHARGED!


The next step is the mandates for the heart attack shots being forced on blue collar workers. We watched this week as people walked out of places like General Electric, and more airlines like Southwest struggle to keep regular flights going.


So what’s the connection to all of this? This is a well played out plan to begin a war against you the average American. All of you who voted against these Bolsheviks and voted in defiance for former President Trump. The D.C. swamp knows they can’t fight a multi front war, so they had to end the biggest stressor I’m Afghanistan so they could bring back the troops and weed out the ones who won’t follow their unconstitutional orders.


This is all about beginning a new war to destroy the country we know as the United States of America.  There is no doubt in my mind these are all coordinated plans to begin a new war here at home against anything and everyone that stands against what is coming down the pipe from this new radical regime sitting in Washington D.C.


Watch this amazing reporting from Tucker Carlson last night incase you missed it. He shows all the numbers on the economy no one else will talk about, as well as lays out many details that are frightening.


The goal of this radical regime is to starve you and I out, to make moving about the country impossible, to kill off all sectors and avenues of self reliance. That is why when you see the poll numbers drop for sleepy Joe, they double down on with more crippling policies to hurt this great country.


Want further proof any of what I just laid out isn’t true? Look no further than this, anti-Trump Liz Cheney made a post decrying Tucker’s new special airing soon on Fox Nation.

If you haven’t learned yet, learn now, anything they try to silence is truth and exposing their hands before they get a chance to play their sick and twisted games. That’s the entire point of censorship in a regime, silence truth so that propaganda can’t be drowned out.


Think about it like this, we all know how Commiefornia has rolling black outs because they won’t produce any power for their own state. Now take that and apply that to the entire country, you think you can survive with a generator? Well they plan to make gas so expensive, and so hard to get, you won’t be running your generator. That also includes energy sources like natural gas as well. Want to cut down trees and burn fires like we used to? You will be fighting your neighbors for those resources and you best bet there will be a Karen and or a Chad who will report your fires to the local gestapo.

How many of you remember the insanity in Michigan when their witch Governor outlawed the purchasing of seeds to start a garden? That was nothing more than a pre-emptive move on her part. That will soon hit everywhere too. The entire goal is to make everything in your life come from the government. They are doing this in tandem with their “Public-Private Partnerships” to destroy life as we know it. This is the exact reason we watched places like Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and other giant retail companies do the bidding of of the federal government when it came to mask mandates and so on.

I implore you all if you haven’t already to focus HEAVILY this next week on your local elections and school board elections. These elections are close to home and have major ramifications on your day to day life. You will need to have strong local governments to push back against what is coming. Look up and study and learn about Doctrine of Lesser Magistrate. This is a very important legal term that can and will be vital to survival for a lot of you.




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God Bless.

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