The ‘TOP 25’ Signs Barack Obama Is A Muslim



25) He changed the primary mission of NASA from space exploration to Muslim outreach…seriously.

24) He refuses to treat foreign terrorists as enemies at war with this country, and insists instead on treating them as mere common criminals with the constitutional rights of American citizens.

23) He refused to acknowledge that the bloodthirsty Islamic lunatics he brought to power in Iraq (ISIS) were Muslims.

22) He appeased Iran’s Islamo-fascist regime as it went nuclear.

21) When a Muslim beheaded a woman in Oklahoma for not converting to Islam, he refused to allow any acknowledgement of the Islamic connection to the attack.

20) He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq (enabling the rise of ISIS) and then lied about it.


19) He had his Department of Justice threaten to prosecute people for criticizing Islam.

18) He alienates and betrays Israel (our number-one ally in the Middle East) non-stop.

17) He handed Afghanistan back to the Islamic fundamentalists who facilitated 9/11.

16) He rushes in after every terrorist attack to warn us against “Islamophobia” and stopped the authorities from investigating Islamic extremism.

15) He criminalized Christianity in the military while spying on everyone but Islamic terrorists.

14) When an Islamic terrorist slaughtered 13 people and injured 30 others at Ft. Hood in 2009 while shouting, “Allahu Akbar” the entire time (a 100% preventable attack made possible by him refusing to investigate a Muslim soldier), he responded by calling it “workplace violence” and refusing to acknowledge any connection whatsoever to Islam.

13) He is on the record enthusiastically embracing Islam, and peddling wildly erroneous “religion of peace” propaganda that Muslims around the world openly reject as false.

12) When a U.S. ambassador was dragged through the streets and tortured to death by barbaric Muslim savages in Benghazi, along with three other Americans killed that night, he repeatedly refused to lift a finger to stop the attack in the first place, and responded by apologizing to the terrorists, falsely blaming the attack on an American film, and intimidating witnesses into silence.



11) He refuses to acknowledge America’s Judeo-Christian roots, while even absurdly attempting to portray us as a Muslim country.

10) He was born and raised a Muslim.

9) He appointed members of a radical Islamic terrorist organization to sensitive advisory roles and gave Muslim extremist groups sweeping influence over U.S. policies.

8) He gutted the U.S. military to the bone while bending over backward to arm Islamic terrorists.

7) When the heads of more than 40 countries responded to the mass murder of journalists in Paris by organizing the greatest march against Islamic terrorism in history, he was the only leader in the entire Western world who refused to show up, or even have a high-level official make an appearance…even though Eric Holder was already in the city.

6) He funded and empowered Sharia-pushing Islamist radicals while trashing their Christian victims and targeting conservatives.

5) He needlessly released major Islamic terrorist leaders from Guantanamo Bay back onto the battlefield who then started groups like ISIS and had to be re-captured as they raped, beheaded, and massacred Christians across the Middle East.

4) He armed, funded, supported Islamic terrorists …and even recruited them, through the State Department.

3) He routinely met with the Hamas front group CAIR while blocking FBI investigations into its open funding of terrorist groups, despite it being banned in other countries as a violent Islamic terrorist organization.

2) After he intentionally misled the public on Benghazi by falsely attributing the known terrorist attack to Americans having the right to disagree with Islam in public, Hillary revealed that he was looking to “arrest and prosecute” the film-maker they falsely blamed. And that film-maker was in fact sent to prison on trumped up charges.

1) He holds regular meetings with Islamic terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood, removes its members from our “no-fly” lists, blocks FBI investigations into its jihadist fundraising, and fills the administration with its Islamic supremacists as they promote Sharia law.

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You don’t just happen to come down on the side of Islam 100% of the time, on every single issue, without there being a reason for it. Obama is a tireless advocate for Islamic front groups, causes, and interests… and has been a brazen activist on their behalf from the beginning.

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