The Tyrant Just Made His Move- Reparations For BLACKS Are Coming Very Soon Because He Did THIS- Are You Ready To Pay Your Dues?


My ancestors were slaves and I want money so give it to me.


Or are reparations only for Blacks?

That’s racist as all hell!

Time to riot!

This reparations garbage is a freaking joke but these Democrats are dead serious about it.



One of President Joe Biden’s senior advisers said recently the administration will begin acting immediately regarding reparations for black Americans, Breitbart reports.

Congress is debating forming a commission to study the issue and how reparations might be implemented, but Cedric Richmond told Axios on HBO during an interview the administration did not want to wait, the outlet reported Monday.

“We don’t want to wait on a study. We’re going to start acting now,” he said. “We have to start breaking down systemic racism and barriers that have held people of color back and especially African-Americans. We have to do stuff now.”

I am going to bypass the “racism” issue for the moment and focus on the education and demographics within our nation.

Where a person grows up is what matters on what type of education they are able to get and ones availability to college, tech schools and major universities.

Although a timeline for the commission is unknown, Richmond (pictured, left) said, “if you start talking about free college tuition to [historically black colleges and universities] and you start talking about free community college in Title I and all of those things, I think that you are well on your way.”

Last month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters President Biden would support a study on whether descendants of slavery in America should receive reparations.

“He would certainly support a study of reparations. He understands that we don’t need a study to take action right now on systemic racism, so he wants to take actions in his own government in the meantime,” she said.

People need to realize that this is not about racism, it is about a severe lack of funding for schools, equipment, food and teachers.  Think about it, poor communities have poor schools while rich communities have rich schools with the latest and greatest equipment.

While some schools literally hand out laptops for students, there are other schools that simply cannot afford to do that and they use books and not the latest books at that.

For Biden and Harris to focus on handing out freebies to people of color, they need to remember white is a color and have suffered slavery as well.  history is what it is and no matter how hard they attempt to lie from it, tear it down and destroy it, it is historical truth.

Breitbart closed with, However, Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) voiced opposition to reparations during his opening remarks February 17 as a member of a House Judiciary subcommittee on civil rights and civil liberties.

“Reparations is not the way to right our country’s wrongs,” he explained. “It is impractical and a non-starter for the United States government to pay reparations. It is also unfair and heartless to give black Americans the hope that this is a reality.”

NFL legend Herschel Walker cited his faith in his testimony against Democrats’ proposal to establish the commission and told lawmakers, “we use black power to create white guilt.”

“My approach is biblical. How can I ask my Heavenly Father to forgive me if I can’t forgive my brother?” he asked.

“I never want to put any one religion down; my religion teaches togetherness. Reparations teach separation,” Walker concluded.

If the democrats truly cared about our nations children, of every color, they would start by fixing our horrific school systems and provide every child with the same opportunities to excel and become the best of their abilities.

Maybe tear down private schools, provide every school district with the same yearly funds and have a standard that every school must remain too.


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God Bless.

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