THEN AND NOW: Black Guy Shoots Up Church- Silence… White Guy Shoots Up Church- ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!



With all the controversy surrounding the Charleston shooting I happened across this older story and the thought struck me, why wasn’t this pushed by MSM and the race baiting left? Anytime a deranged and troubled individual takes a life everyone should be equally outraged but I guess when the story doesn’t fit their agenda it is not worth putting out where the masses can view.

PCMD Gazette:


A man opened fire at a church hitting five people, four of them fatally before abducting his wife, whom he later shot to death at another location, authorities said. Church members wept as they watched investigators examine evidence and search for clues.

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The suspect, Anthony Bell, 25, of Baton Rouge, was captured at an apartment complex near the church. Three children abducted with the woman were all found safe. “This is going to be one of the worst days in the history of our city,” Police Chief Jeff Leduff said after Bell was captured and his wife’s body was found at the apartment complex. Her name and those of the other victims were not immediately released. Bell is accused of shooting five people at the church before fleeing, Sgt. Charles Armstrong said.


Police said Anthony Bell, 25, walked into the Ministry of Jesus Christ church and opened fire with a handgun during services. Four people were killed. The pastor was wounded. Armstrong said Bell took off in a car with his wife and three children, one of whom is an infant. Police found the two oldest children unharmed at the home of a grandmother in Baton Rouge. They found the body of Erica Bell, 24, about 2½ hours later at an apartment complex in Baton Rouge where a man had made a call to 911 to report that his wife had shot herself.

Anthony Bell faces charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and kidnapping, Armstrong said. Armstrong said that the couple had been estranged but that nothing further was known about Anthony Bell’s motive. It was not known whether Bell was the father of all three children. All the shooting victims were related to one another, Armstrong said.


When you see other races and groups of people screaming equality and tolerance we must treat each with the same standard of justice or we will never have equality wouldn’t you agree? In the land of the double standard, that we call America, the same people who are asking for the confederate flag to be banned basically shouldn’t at all be surprised when they see backlash from others when stories like this are pushed to the back page and forgotten.

Editors note:

While this incident occurred in 2006 we feel it is relevant today to show the hypocrisy in the media as well as how dramatically our country has changed under Obama and liberalism. 



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  1. Larry Segall says:

    The Louisiana incident was family violence. Sad but unfortunately not uncommon. The South Carolina incident was a hate crime, which fortunately is not common. There is a huge difference.

    • Ken Darby says:

      Actually, if ALL Hate crimes were reported, The vast majority of them would show the Real Story. Whites being targeted by Blacks. Or Muslims targeting just about anyone they please. And before you try your Liberal Spin. Foot Hood. A Muslim shot how many as it was called work place violence.
      A black man pushes a white women in front of a Train while screaming, All white people must die, Guess what, Not a Hate Crime. I could list 1000’s more, but I cannot teach blind to see!

    • Carol Morris Rose says:

      And all of the victims were black as was the killer. This was a crime of hate just not because of race.

      • Alan Dudley says:

        What’s the difference ? Is one type of hate any different from another ? I’m sure someone blamed whites for the incident , blacks blame everyone but their self’s

        • Carol Morris Rose says:

          No, hate is hate. But this particular story was based on hatred of a certain person. It was a family member(s). It was not racially motivated. I don’t think this was a case of blaming anyone by the perpetrator except the victim. Nor has there been mention of anyone white who caused it. It was domestic violence at it’s worse.

        • Becos Mushenkye says:

          yes!….hate can be different. Some hate is justified and some aren’t. like hating someone, plainly for the reason that they are different from you. compared to hating someone who has hurt you or has done you wrong.

    • Tyrone Sharpton says:

      So the black guy shot 4 people out of love? Of course it’s a hate crime. That’s a silly term anyway.

    • Alan Dudley says:

      You only think blacks don’t commit hate crimes because the media don’t report them. Further, police generally don’t charge blacks with hate crimes even if the black suspect calls someone cracker, white-boy-girl, before murdering , raping , robbing them. If you want to see hate crimes the media hides from you , visit ; WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT at YouTube or Facebook. You can find thousands of RESENT video documented black hate crimes there.

  2. Buddy James Fazzio says:

    HUGE difference. The fact that apparently you do not understand the difference between domestic problems and hate crimes is amazing.

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