They Put Up This Memorial For Michael Brown… Hours Later THIS Happened


Because Black lives Matter…


Another memorial has been constructed for the #BlackLivesMatter hero Michael Brown in Ferguson. It was nice. It had teddy bears. The stuffed animals were probably looted from the department stores there before they burned the city to the ground. Either that or us tax-payers paid for them via welfare and tons of other government programs that get exploited by lazy, unmotivated substance abusing scumbags.

This is actually hilarious but sad in a way. Grieving over a dead one is sacred and should be respected. And we know the Brown family misses their Michael. Unfortunately for the Browns, some of the crowd that supposedly stand with them are nothing but low life scumbags that really don’t give a crap about their son.

If my son were a criminal loser or drug addict and drunk I would still miss him dearly. Fortunately, I raised my son to be a a hard working, law abiding, God loving  and successful young man.

Anyways, they set up the memorial.

Granny wanted it rebuilt because scumbags stole the teddy bears and anything else they could steal LMAO!

And when I say they stole everything, I mean THEY STOLE EVERYTHING! Nothing left but dirt and weeds!

So, tonight they are trying it again! They will stand guard over cheap stolen teddy bears made in China. Don’t these people have jobs? Apparently not. Sorry, foolish question I suppose.

So this group is called ‘We Cop Watch’ but why? What are you watching? The Police there in that cesspool don’t even WANT do do their job anymore because anything they do is deemed RACIST. I say to all the officers to get the hell out of there. There are plenty of cities that will hire you.

Look, our heart’s go out to the Brown family. But trying to prevent thugs from stealing anything worth a fricking 40 oz bottle of Colt 45 Malt Liquor or a bottle of Ripple isn’t worth your time and more importantly your lives. My advice? Pay your respects at his burial ground. I can safely say that there will be no White people vandalizing his grave and spray painting graffiti. Or trying to dig him up. We just don’t roll that way. 




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