They RELEASED IT… Trump Got His Wish


JUST IN! A former veteran chief federal judge from Brooklyn, New York has been appointed as the special master to review documents seized at former President Trump’s Florida estate in Mar-a-Lago, Fox News reports.

We will go into more details but first check this out from Anthony Smith at DEEPSTATE RABBITHOLE:

Donald Trump finally got his wish.

The DOJ sent out a complete inventory of everything it took in the raid.

I have to say, it is starting to look like the DOJ screwed the pooch here.

The Inventory

So, what we know is that the DOJ snagged about 11,000 documents during the raid.

It appears that many personal items were removed, such as magazines and newspaper clippings.

In all of those documents, there was only a handful over 100 that were marked as classified documents.

Now, I am not trying to belittle this, but it does not appear it was quite the risk that it was made out to be.

Having said that, because Trump’s attorney signed a form that said all classified information was gone, even a single document would have been enough to hang Trump here.

Do I still believe that Trump will be brought up on charges? Yes.

Do I believe he will be successfully prosecuted? No.

BUT, what I also believe is that the only thing Democrats really want from this is to be able to prevent Trump from running in 2024.

If Trump is indicted, it is tough to imagine him tossing his hat into the ring.

This is about creating a narrative that Democrats can use to try to keep the White House in 2024.

Of that, I am certain.

Special Master

Okay so a former veteran chief federal judge has been appointed as the special master to review documents seized at President Trump’s Florida estate in Mar-a-Lago.

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon appointed Raymond Dearie after the Trump team requested an independent review of thousands of documents marked classified that were recovered in the infamous raid.

Judge Cannon is a Trump appointee.

The judge also refused a DOJ request to lift her temporary prohibition on the department’s use of the roughly 100 classified records that were taken during the Aug. 8 search.

This makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately the Trump team should have made the request for a special master immediately after the unprecedented raid which would have prevented these vultures from going through Trump’s belongings.

But as they say- better late than never.

Of course, The Justice Department is expected to contest the judge’s order to a federal appeals court.

It had given Cannon until Thursday to put on hold her order barring the continued review of classified records, and said it would ask the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to intervene if she did not do so then.

Dearie will be tasked with reviewing and segregating out any documents covered by claims of privilege. It is not clear how long the review will take. The special master process has already delayed the investigation, with Cannon directing the Justice Department to temporarily pause core aspects of its probe.

Let’s hope that this raid and investigation blow up in the DOJ/FBI’s faces and exposes the blatant bias that has been displayed for years to take down our great president DONALD J. TRUMP.

Most of the rank and file agents in both agencies are patriots that are doing their job.

But it’s quite obvious that those in charge at the top are compromised and we are about to learn a hell of a lot more from whistleblowers when we take back the House in November.

Have faith, stay strong and make your voices heard and be sure to vote for AMERICA FIRST candidates.

We have a country to take back and restore.

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