This 11-Year-Old Tells Teacher He Likes TRUMP, Next Day He Gets Unexpected SURPRISE

An 11-year-old boy from Raleigh, North Carolina, got a taste of liberalism in all it’s glory for declaring his support for Donald Trump on a classroom assignment. Let’s just say, the teacher is obviously not a Trump fan.

The 11-year-old kid, known as “Matthew” called into conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s radio broadcast and explained the situation.

Matthew told Rush that he attends an “extremely liberal private school in Raleigh, North Carolina saying, “It’s terrible… I’m being targeted.”

Rush chuckled and was impressed with the young man’s maturity saying, “You’re 11 years old and you’re talking about this the way adults do.  I find it charming.  I think it’s great.”


Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:

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MATTHEW:  I’m a huge Trump supporter, and I’m very outward about it. I like how he’s going to close the borders. I like how he’s gonna obliterate ISIS.  Well, a few days ago — people are still charging me — the teacher wrote on the board, “Beside Martin Luther King, who are some visionaries who are in the world?”  People wrote down Abraham Lincoln. People wrote down Rosa Parks. People wrote down Pope Francis.  And I wrote down Donald Trump.  And the next day, the teacher pulled me over and said, “Erase that comment!”  And I was like, “Why?”  And she’s like, “What good has he done for this world?”


I’m like, “Well, he’s created his businesses, and he’s built magnificent buildings in many countries in the world, and he’s actually running for president while he’s actually stating his ideas.”  And I was… And she made me erase it. I’m thinking like, “Wait, why is…? I thought I had freedom of speech.  I mean, an anchor baby gets citizenship. Why don’t I?”  I kind of got mad after that.  And people are targeting me, they’re saying, “Donald Trump sucks and you do too,” and I really don’t know what to do.

RUSH: (chuckles) Matthew, part of me is saying, “Join the club.” (laughing and clapping) Join the club.  I have a lot of people telling me that I suck, too, and that I don’t know what I’m doing.  But in all seriousness, you lumped Trump in with Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln, and your teacher told you to erase Trump because your teacher didn’t think Trump was qualified to be mentioned in the company of those other people, right?



RUSH:  And you stood up for Trump, and you tried to explain to her why, in your mind, Trump should be listed with those people.

MATTHEW:  Well, she forced me to erase it because I didn’t want to disobey the teacher. But, I mean, I don’t exactly like backing down that much and I was kind of disturbed by that.

RUSH:  Well, wait a minute, now.  You say you don’t like backing down, but you didn’t want to disobey the teacher.


Rush told the kid he did the right thing by obeying the teacher and to stay strong. “You just stay dedicated to what you truly believe, understanding that all kinds of people are gonna insult you or tell you you’re wrong.”

It’s unfortunate that we have liberal teachers that feel the need to indoctrinate our young children with their distorted views.


Kudos to Matthew for taking a strong stand and shame on that teacher for forcing him to change his answer.


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