This Church Puts Up #BlackLivesMatter Sign… What Happens Next Has Liberals Going INSANE!



A North Palm Beach (Florida) church that supports the Black Lives Matter movement was vandalized the other day. Bummer. What kind of church puts up signs promoting a racist black organization anyways? God tells us that all lives matter. Not just fricking blacks.


But blacks are fighting for equality damn it! Oh wait, they already have that. Well then what about racism damn it? Uh, well black lives matter is totally racist as well as violent. Sorry my black people but I just don’t see whites causing a big stink about black people. We watch your sports, your movies and hell, we even laugh at your ‘honkey’ jokes. Many of you are talented. Many of you are funny. Why all the hate all of a sudden? Oh yeah, OBAMA. 


The Rev. CJ McGregor estimates the damage at $1,000. $1,000? For what? It’s a fricking piece of tape on a piece of glass! You see, this is all about money. And hatred. 

“It tells us that we’re touching on something in our community that’s making people feel uncomfortable,” said McGregor, who has been the church minister for three years. “By saying that black lives matter, we aren’t saying that black lives are the only lives that matter or matter more than other lives.”

Really? Then why not put all lives matter? That is a Christian message Rev. Your filthy sign just promotes racial divide, bro. Come on man, what’s wrong with you? 

The ‘Reverend’ claims that “oppression still exists…” Bro, the whole fricking country is oppressed because Obama has utterly failed. And don’t call me a racist- Carter sucked too.


So here’s the kicker- the church has mostly white members. I don’t get it. I think this church wants publicity and a new fricking sign lol.

The Rev. says they expected vandalism but are determined to spread the word about black lives mattering.

Look, here’s where we’re at nowadays. A person spray paints “Black Lives Matter” on a statue or burns down a fricking city and it’s a powerful statement of racial identity. No problem. A person glues a piece of paper to glass and it’s an act of hate and a threat that requires an armed police presence to protect against.

Give me a fricking break already…

(H/T Downtrend)


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