BREAKING: This City In FLAMES After All HELL BREAKS LOOSE- Violent Riots Underway- Here’s What We Know

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Paris In Chaos: Mobs Of Thugs Burn Down City In Response To Police Shooting

Paris currently looks like a warzone! Along the ancient streets in the city of love, cars have been overturned and set ablaze, riot police are out in full gear skirmishing with raving protesters, and multiple people have been injured in the chaos.  

What started the madness?  

Well, the frogs are upset that a man was shot by police after he stabbed an officer.  

Naturally, such a travesty calls for widespread destruction of their homes and the property of their neighbors.  

That makes tons of sense if you’re a liberal (think of Ferguson).


It sounds like these mobs of lunatics have made their way to the 19th precinct police station and at least one notable injury has unfolded in the skirmish there.


Before passing this off to be published, the limeys finally got their act together and began reporting on this story in English.  AFF Media can now confirm that the man shot by police was a Chinese father of five.  Many of the rioters are, it seems, Asian.  The dead man, who assaulted police with a knife was 56 years old and his name was Shaoyo Liu.  Rioters are using the hashtag #MortDeLiuShaoyo on Twitter.

Asian Rioters:

Last night a police officer in Paris responded to what is being described as a ‘domestic disturbance.’  When he arrived on scene, he was promptly stabbed. “Upon opening the door a man rushed to assault the officials and stabbed one,” according to the reporting being done by Infos Francaises.  Security forces then intervened while the injured officer was rushed to the hospital.  What happened next isn’t entirely clear and since the mainstream media in Anglo countries hasn’t reported on this yet it is hard to determine the full timeline.  Regardless, it sounds like one or two people were then killed by the responding backup security forces and then a mob broke out.  That mob is continuing to ransack the city and burn their way through town.

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