This Country Artist’s Conservative Anthem Takes Internet By Storm… ‘The Most Controversial Song Of The Year’



You will most likely give 2 thumbs up to this country singer’s controversial conservative song that is going VIRAL. Singer Jamie Jones has released a video that is taking the internet by storm. You gotta love it!

 at TheBlaze reports:


Country singer Jamie Jones has released a defiant new anthem that’s sure to rile up conservatives and liberals alike — just in two very different ways. As Taste of Country points out, promotional mailings have touted it as “the most controversial song of the year.”

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The song, which is titled, “Pissed Off Rednecks Like Me,” touches on the Second Amendment, Obamacare, religion, government “handouts” and more. The highly conservative track has been viewed over 1.4 million times on Facebook, achieving real viral status.


Here’s some of the lyrics:

Mr. stick-head politician, I’ve got some news for you


If you want to come, tryin’ to take my gun, son you better be bulletproof

And don’t try to tell my children when and where to pray

We ain’t that far gone, we’re still standing on the land of the free and the home of the brave

No, I won’t push one for English, I just as soon hang up the phone

If you wanna serve in a Muslim church, go and take your ass back home

LOL! Here’s the video!

YouTube video via Jamie Jones



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  1. Matthew Faulhaber says:

    Ah yes, conservative logic. Whenever a conservative tells you he supports the US Constitution, he is actually saying F*** the US Constitution, except for the Second Amendment. Conservatives hate religious freedom, unless it’s Christian. Rights of the accused? Conservatives believe in convictions before facts.

  2. Jason Wright says:

    Yeah, SURE. You just keep telling yourself that, Matthew Faulhaber. If you hate Conservatives so much, then what the he11 are you doing HERE? Your arguments will NOT be well received on a Conservative site; so what’s the POINT of your comment? As far as religious freedom goes, YEAH, you’re D@MN RIGHT we’re NOT going to much care for a so-called “religion” which calls for the deaths of all non-believers. We have NO problem with Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, etc. As long as the religion in question leave US alone; we are PERFECTLY WILLING to do the SAME. “Rights” for the accused? You rape a woman, molest a child, murder someone, or break into someone’s home? You just gave UP your rights; and you deserve WHATEVER gets done to you. That’s the way it’s ALWAYS been. (Only THESE days you Liberals have made SURE that the courts and society punish the VICTIM (and/or the person attempting to SAVE them) and turn the perpetrator into some kind of HERO; or even REVERSING their roles; so that the PERP becomes the victim; (and the victim “got what they had coming to them,” in YOUR eyes; no matter WHAT HORRIBLE thing was done to them) and everyone feels sorry for the perpetrator; because they were scarred somehow as children. (“Their mommies didn’t HUG them enough as children; so that’s why they are the way they are,” and we should be more “understanding” and “tolerant.”) Do the names Terry Schiavo or Natalie Holloway mean anything to you? It is because of YOU people that they and their families NEVER had the justice they truly DESERVED; and those who were responsible for what happened to them went FREE; and are CURRENTLY living HAPPILY ever after. NO THANKS TO YOU. You Liberals and your “revisionist history” CANNOT and DO NOT change FACTS as to what has ACTUALLY been happening. (No matter HOW much that PI$$ES you off.) And YES, I DO remember a time when it was NOT this way. I remember there WAS day when there would be SERIOUS he11 to pay over atrocities such as this. It is because of YOU people that everything is going DOWN the toilet. Morals, values, respect for others, and society as a WHOLE are ALL PLUMMETING because of increasing Liberalism. It is YOU Liberals who are SORELY LACKING in ANYTHING even RESEMBLING logic.

  3. Jason Wright says:

    And by the WAY, Matthew Faulhaber, the most RACIST and INTOLERANT people I have ever known have been LIBERALS. One I know even supported the Nazi Socialist Party; and was QUITE “proud” of having beaten up black kids during their days in school. This person was ALSO a womanizing CHAUVINIST. Considering the F-A-C-T that it was YOU Liberals who SUPPORTED slavery during the Civil War, (Abraham Lincoln WAS a STAUNCH Republican, and Martin Luther King Jr. WAS a Conservative; like it or NOT) LIBERALS were the ones who came up with the KKK, (it MAY have been in the SOUTH; but they WERE Liberals) I’d keep my mouth SHUT if I were YOU; because you have NO room to TALK.

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