This Liberal Newspaper Just Blasted Donald Trump In The Most Disgusting Way Possible…SPREAD THIS!


Calling the GOP racist, that’s a new one. You know you are winning the argument when liberals resort to nonsense like this. It’s funny how the Dems slam Trump when their front runner is being criminally investigated by the FBI. Somehow wanting to deport those who are in our country ILLEGALLY is racist when in reality it is simply enforcing the laws that are in place.

I’m just sick of the word racism. If you are a Conservative or just disagree with the Democrats you are a fricking racist. It would be awesome if Trump would buy out The NY Times and then fired the employees and hired real US citizens. And fire all of the filthy progressive socialists running it now. Trump is only saying what the majority of the country thinks about the illegal aliens. We’re tired of being flipped off by a bunch of hot head hispanics. The people who aren’t sick of it are liberal sheep, and perfectly happy being raped, robbed, and losing their jobs to the Spanish inquisition. Until that time comes though, we have to deal with this nonsense coming from the editors of the paper.

MATTHEW BOYLE at Breitbart reports:

The heads of the Manhattan elites who run the New York Times editorial board collectively exploded on Thursday evening in response to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s detailed immigration reform plan that would put Americans first over foreigners and special interests.

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In an editorial filled with invective calling his plan racist, xenophobic, and nativist, the Times blasted Trump—and other Republicans who have followed his lead in pushing for a strong America when it comes to immigration reform.


“Before Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidates could deflect tough questions on immigration with vague promises to secure the border and oppose all ‘amnesty’ for illegal immigrants,” the Times wrote. “Not anymore. Mr. Trump has offered a plan to ‘take back our country’ from what he calls the rapist-murderer-job stealers being exported from Mexico. He is full of ideas. He would expel 11 million immigrants, and their families, and let only ‘the good ones’ back in. He would restrict legal immigration, and impose a national job-verification system so that everyone, citizens too, would need federal permission to work. He would build a 2,000-mile border wall and force Mexicans to pay for it. He would replace the Constitution’s guarantee of citizenship by birth with citizenship by bloodline and pedigree, leaving it to politicians and bureaucrats to decide what to do with millions of stateless children. He would flood the country with immigration agents and — it almost goes without saying — dismantle the economy and shred America’s standing as an immigrant-welcoming nation.”

The Times practically begs other Republican candidates to come out against Trump’s immigration reform plan.

Just a little information for those of you who may not know. The NYT is owned by CARLOS SLIM the Mexican billionaire, who happens to have sent his wife to the USA to have his baby or should I say, anchor baby. I’m sure Carlos Slim hopes Trump DOESN’T become president because he will make that fool stand down and not rip off Americans with his biased newspaper. So FOLKS, every time you buy this paper you are putting your hard earned money into a Mexican terrorist’s pockets.


I would also like to add that the New York Times supports the corrupt, lying thief Hillary Clinton. The credibility from that news source is zero to anyone who is paying attention, but far too many drink the kool-aid and are drunk from the lies.

Just a thought to leave you with, but I wonder if people will ever realize that illegal aliens aren’t a race- they are LAW BREAKING CRIMINALS – PERIOD! 

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