This Marine Veteran And His Service Dog Tried To Board A Flight Home… Then The UNTHINKABLE Happened


Retired Marine, Captain Jason Haag, his wife, and his dog Axel were returning from the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards where Axel had been given the prestigious ‘Service Dog of the Year’ award and were ready to board their flight at LAX Airport when the unthinkable happened.

The Haag’s sat down and ate some lunch and then checked in at the gate. Everything was fine until five minutes before the flight. Haag got pulled out of the line by an airline employee who then began harassing the Marine.


Well ladies and gentlemen we have been denied access and not been allowed to board our plane by American Airlines due to…

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Posted by Jason and Axel on Sunday, September 20, 2015


The American Airlines agent asked, “Is that a real service dog?”

Haag confirmed that the dog was indeed a service animal, and provided at least 2 forms of credentials but that didn’t satisfy the agent.


Haag explained that he had called American Airlines days before and informed them about his service dog and had flown to Los Angeles previously with him on the airline without any issue.

The employee then continued to harass Haag and started asking personal questions.

“He’s like, ‘Well, what’s your disability?’ and I was like, ‘Excuse me?’ because that’s not a question you’re allowed to ask under the rules and regulations,” Haag recalled. “Then he started firing off questions in rapid succession.”

K9s for Warriors

K9s for Warriors

 at The Free Beacon reports:

Haag said the agent accused him of fabricating the identification documents for the dog. “He tells me, ‘You could’ve just bought this off the Internet, it’s fake,’ and he throws it back down on the desk.”

“Then my wife chimed in and said ‘what about the service vest he’s got on?’ He said ‘you can buy that online too.’”

After offering to have officials from the American Humane Association or K9s for Warriors speak to the American Airlines staff, Haag said the airline refused to budge.

“At this point my wife was starting to cry,” he said. “There’s like 200 people standing there watching this whole thing while these people are embarrassing the holy hell out of me.”

The decision to deny the Haags and Axel service on the flight left them stranded in Los Angeles for the night.

Haag said the airline did not remove their luggage from the flight, so they were left with just the clothes on their back, which would constitute a significant security violation, as checked bags are typically matched with passengers as a preventative measure against terrorist attacks.

American Airlines did not offer to put them in a hotel for the night or provide any other support.

Conservative Tribune reports:

Making matters worse, Haag’s luggage was already on the flight, so they were left without clean clothes.

Luckily, an AHA rep from the awards show was there and made sure the family had what they needed for the night, including shelter and clothes.

American Airlines eventually apologized to the family after it was all straightened out the next day.

But, anyone would agree that the actions of the agent who interrogated the retired Marine — who has a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder after serving three tours in the Middle East — were absolutely unacceptable.

Captain Jason Haag served three tours of combat duty, leading Marine Corps troops in fighting across Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded the Purple Heart.

Axel with his Medal ??

Posted by Jason and Axel on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Maybe ‘American’ Airlines should change their name to ‘UNAMERICAN’ AIRLINES! Unbelievable…


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