This NFL Team To Ban Fans From Attending Games Without Vaccination Or Proof Of Negative Tests

The National Felon League, the Not For Long League aka the NFL, has put in crazy COVID mandates that have ticked off a majority of fans that they have left.  Let’s face it, the NFL isn’t worth watching ever since they allowed Kaepernick to kneel and protest and then the NFL went full blown “woke” as they backed Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Now we are seeing cities across our nation start to implement full blown Nazi tactics that prevent LEGAL citizens from living free.

From Breitbart News:

According to reports, the New Orleans Saints will require fans to be vaccinated for the coronavirus or have proof of a negative test result to attend games at Caesars Superdome.

The requirements are part of the city-wide mandates forced onto the city by New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, which rules that any indoor establishment must require vaccines or proof of negative tests.

Still, according to USA Today, Cantrell will not limit the size of the crowds allowed to see games at the Superdome.


Los Angeles was the first domino to fall, when it comes to banning the unvaccinated from public areas.  Now they still have to finalize the bill and have it signed off, but the city council approved it with full support.

San Francisco has followed and now New Orleans, it is clear that we will start to see this happening all over our nation.  The federal government knew they could not force people to take vaccines, so the radical left democrats did what they always do, they are using fear and lies to manipulate the public sheep to do their bidding for them!

According to Outkick, the mayor considers the Caesars Superdome an indoor venue despite the stadium’s size.

The Saints will kick off their first home game on Sept. 12 when the Green Bay Packers arrive in the Big Easy.

Thus far, Louisiana has not stooped to requiring vaccine passports. However, the state’s top health official, Dr. Joe Kanter, clearly favors the idea that such health papers are a “useful tool” for some businesses to use to make them “safe” from the virus.

“You can imagine at some point in the future that you might be able to do larger occupancy if that was in place,” Kanter said, according to WWL Channel 4.

Some states, though, have already begun debating and passing laws banning the use of vaccine passports, including Arkansas, Texas, and Florida.

While this is just another reason to simply turn off sports entertainment, it sets a dangerous precedent that other cities are sure to follow.  The radical left destroys everything they get involved in and then they bleed it dry and toss it aside when they are done with it.

This just shows that these morons in charge have no clue about viruses and vaccines, just because a person gets a vaccine does not mean they cannot catch it nor does it prevent them from spreading it.

Welcome to full blown Marxism…



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