This Town Is On HIGH ALERT After What ‘Military-Age’ Muslims CAUGHT Doing On Beach


A photo which shows a group of ‘military-aged’ Muslim men praying on a Florida beach is creating quite the stir on social media in the Wakulla County community. In fact, the town is on high alert!

Concerned for the safety of the residents at Mashes Sands Beach, the County Commissioner Ralph Thomas snapped the picture and posted it on Facebook. Now one man, Will Dance, who is running for Sheriff is demanding that authorities look into the matter.

Dance asks, “When a group of military aged Muslim men gather on the beach the question needs to be asked, ‘Why are they here?’”

Local news station, WCTV asked Dance if was ‘fair’ to single out the one group of Muslims. Fair? This is America and YES, not only is it fair but it is absolutely MANDATORY! Do these ‘journalists’ not know that we have MUSLIM JIHAD TERRORIST INFILTRATING AMERICA AND THEY WANT TO KILL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US? Apparently not…

Dance accommodated the seemingly liberal news station saying, “It’s not about singling them out. It’s not about xenophobia. This is not anti-Muslim. This is not a Muslim family having on the beach a barbecue. This wasn’t a Muslim father fishing with his sons. This was a group of military-aged Muslims who are on the beach praying and the question needs to be asked, ‘Do they adhere to sharia law or the constitution?’”


Of course the Nazis at Facistbook removed the post.


Look, I grew up in a small beach-town in Southern California and if we ever saw anything like this we would have done a hell of a lot more than post a picture on Facebook. We would have kicked them the hell off of OUR beach (even though they obviously aren’t there to take our waves, lol.) Now, don’t call me racist because we also kicked WHITE people off of our turf all the time. Our beach- GO HOME! Good times, I assure you!

But times have changed. Under Obama times REALLY changed- and NOT in a good way. 

Things got a hell of a lot better under PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.

But now we have President Harris (and demented Joe Biden.)

Comments on the picture have been mixed, but it’s easy to see why people would be concerned, especially given the current climate in our nation. Personally, if I lived in that county, I would want this investigated too, and it’s not because I’m Islamophobic – it’s because I’m a realist.

Let’s be honest here, we’ve seen a massive influx of “refugees” from the Middle East, and there’s been widespread speculation that many of them are either members of the Islamic State terror group (ISIS) or at least support what the group is doing in war-torn nations.

With that in mind, when you see a group of young men, who are typically the ones who carry out terror attacks, it should raise alarm with anyone paying attention.

After all, nobody thought anything of the military-age Muslim males who learned how to fly commercial aircraft until they flew hijacked planes into buildings.

Are we really that stupid to make the same mistake again? I hope not.


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