Three Of These Republican Presidential Candidates DON’T Own A Gun… #2A


The issue of gun rights is important to many Republican voters, and for good reason. In my eye’s, if a candidate doesn’t own a gun I surely don’t trust you when it comes to gun rights. Not owning a gun may make it easier for them to sway a bit left and vote for gun control. Owning a gun would make them more likely to stand their (our) ground in regards to the second amendment. This is definitely why I found the list of republican presidential candidates that do not own guns are important for you all to see.


The Telegraph reports:

Jeb Bush’s pro-gun conservative credentials suffered a blow on Tuesday as a Telegraph survey showed he is one of the only Republican presidential candidates who does not own a gun.

Of the 17 Republican hopefuls vying to lead their party into next year’s election only Mr Bush and two other candidates do not have their own firearms.

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, does not own a gun while Carly Fiorina, a former business executive and the only woman in the race, has six guns in her house but they belong to her husband.

All the other candidates said they had at least one gun and many own several, with weapons ranging from handguns and shotguns to military-style semiautomatic rifles.

Three candidates, Ben Carson, Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal, reported owning at least one gun, but we don’t know what type.

I guess I wouldn’t have to own one either if I had an armed security team. At this point I’m almost waiting for Jeb Bush to announce that his SECURITY detail doesn’t carry guns. Personally this is just another reason to mark this man off the short list of candidates who I will consider voting for. It’s not even the fact he doesn’t own a gun that bothers me most. Jeb is FOR the UN gun treaty which does infringe on our rights! He lost my vote before he even started running for president! 

I think when you own a firearm and understand the responsibility it takes on a different aspect in your life. I know a few people who support the 2nd who don’t own a gun and have never shot one, that is truly their choice and I respect that. But when you own a firearm rather than support them it takes on a different meaning, a stronger respect and you would naturally fight harder for others rights. For this reason alone I implore all gun owners to rethink their vote if they were considering supporting one of these candidates.



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