THUG Sticks Gun Into Old Man’s Head, Didn’t See Who Was Right Outside Window [VID]

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Here’s another story about a thug assaulting an old white man, something that seems to be a popular sport among Obama loving scumbags. Well, we are happy to report that in this instance, the dude got busted.

The useless moron pulled a gun on an elderly cab driver who was just trying to make an honest living. The thug, wearing a white hoodie and a mask covering his face demanded that the cab driver fork over his money. One problem. A sheriff’s deputy sat in a police cruiser only a few feet behind him when the incident took place! LOL!

The Sheriff’s deputy had pulled up behind the taxi after it failed to move on the green light. Thug didn’t notice that part!

Surveillance video from inside the cab, obtained by WFMZ-TV shows the deputy’s cruiser pulling up behind the Reading Metro taxi on a city street.

Shortly after that, a passenger in the back seat wearing a white hoodie and a mask covering his face aims a gun at the driver through the partition.

VIDEO: Robber pulls gun on taxi driver with cop behind himA terrifying taxi cab armed robbery attempt was all captured on a dash camera. But neither the suspect or victim noticed a sheriff’s cruiser was right behind them. deputy was able to come to the driver’s rescue and take the suspect into custody.

Posted by ABC7 on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

“Give me all your money man! Give me everything you got,” the suspect yelled at the driver, KABC reports.

As the panicked driver tells him he has no money, he notices the deputy approaching the cab.

The robber apparently tries to get out of the taxi and run as Deputy Terry Ely asks if there’s a problem.

Seeing the gun, Ely draws his firearm and orders the suspect out of the taxi then calls for backup.

Eighteen-year-old Victor Martinez-Herrera was arrested.

He remained jailed Tuesday on charges including robbery and terroristic threats.

I wonder if he is an illegal alien or just a harmless anchor baby.

Either way, let’s get him locked in chains and thrown into a nice, cold cell where he belongs.

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God Bless. 


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