Thug Plows Over Dead Warriors’ Memorial Site, Has THIS Sick Reply To Cops

America’s Freedom Fighters reported that Obama’s illegal alien gang banging Mexican scumbags have destroyed a Vietnam Memorial in Venice, California by spray painting graffiti with their filthy gang names over the names of veterans who were Prisoners Of War (POW) or who never returned home because Missing In Action (MIA).

Filthy scumbags.

Well, here’s another Obama loving thug from Henderson, Kentucky who went on an anti-American rampage. The little hoodlum mowed down 160 crosses at a memorial site for those who paid the ultimate price for our country at the Memorial Day cross display in Henderson’s Central Park.

Look at what this POS did!


What a filthy, useless pile of garbage this thug is. He belongs in a cage. Period.

The black d-bag’s name is Anthony Burrus. He’s a 27 year old pile of trash.

His vehicle, a 1979 Ford Thunderbird was abandoned at a local McDonalds pieces of a cross and ground stake embedded in the tires. Police tracked the car down and when confronted, the hoodlum denied causing the damage in the park, but confirmed he was driving the vehicle earlier this morning and left it after it stopped working.

Typical 4-year-old level of lying. I mean, do these sub human morons really think ANYONE believes their bullsh*t?

According to The Henderson Gleaner, members of the Henderson Fire Department, the WARM Center, and local residents joined members of the American Legion to repair the display.

“For somebody to do this to a veteran who gave his life, I don’t understand. I don’t have any words. I’m speechless,” Jim Hanley, a member of the Legion, said Saturday morning.

The display in Central Park contains more than 5,000 crosses, each bearing the name of a Henderson resident who served in the military.

Family members arrived to see if any of the crosses that bear the names of their relatives were damaged. Some arrived and were relieved to find certain crosses unharmed, while others were brought to tears by the damage.

Bob Dutton Sr.’s son, Robert K. Dutton, had a cross in his honor displayed in the park, and it was destroyed by the vandalism.

“I lost my son seven years ago, and this is so sad to know somebody would do this without thinking about the consequences,” Dutton said.

Kathy Tigue has lost three brothers who have served in the Armed Forces, one of which most recently died in March of this year. While the crosses in their honor were not damaged, she felt the sting that other families were feeling Saturday morning.

“This is heartbreaking,” Tigue said. “How could someone be so cruel, so heartless is beyond me. God help whoever did it. It hurts these people, who have worked so hard.”

So again we see what is happening in America thanks to Obama and the liberal scumbags. They have no respect for the heroes that sacrificed their lives to make this nation great.

Like I said, this animal belongs in chains and locked in a cage. And as far as I am concerned, he can rot in hell. Frigging bastard.



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God Bless.

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