Thug Robs 74-Year-Old Granny- Gets Dose Of TEXAS JUSTICE He’ll NEVER Forget (Video)

You know what they say, “You don’t mess with Texas.”

And you definitely don’t mess with Texas grandmothers!

A 74-year-old Texas granny confronted an armed intruder with a gun of her own, causing the would-be burglar to flee, according to KSLA News 12.

Rebbie Roberson said she was just sitting down to watch the Sunday night news when the armed intruder wearing gloves and a mask broke into her home and held a gun to her face.

“And when I started to get up, he was in here on me with a gun facing me right to my face.”

What she did next took the gunman by surprise.

“So I had to walk right out in front of him,” Rebbie Roberson said as she recalled the harrowing encounter. “I didn’t know if he was going to kill me or what.”

But she had her own weapon on a table nearby.

“I reached over there and grabbed this gun. And when I swerved around, I pointed it at him and he ran.”

“I tried to kill him,” said Roberson, who always keeps her gun close when she’s home. “Anybody break in on me, I’m going to kill them. He’s going to kill me or I’m going to kill him.”

Check out the video!

Authorities said they have no problem with Roberson’s actions.

“Every citizen, according to the Texas penal code, has the right to defend themselves and their family.”

To the best of our knowledge the intruder is still on the loose.

God bless Granny! That a girl!

Awesome job!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did!

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God Bless.

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