Thug Tried To Rob ‘Little Old Lady’- That’s When She Whips Out THIS And Totally Destroys Him


This story falls into the HELL YEAH category and when you read it, you will definitely agree! 

A thug tried to rob an extremely little old lady in her home and she beat the holy crap out of him!

How great is that?

The home invasion robbery happened in Kingsport, Tenn.

Police say that someone knocked on the 52-year-old woman’s door and when she answered it a woman was standing there holding a flyer about a lost dog.

Then the masked thug instantly stepped into the doorway and grabbed her arm and tried to yank the poor old lady outside.

She resisted so the masked thug pushed her back inside and shouted- “THIS IS A ROBBERY!”

Fox 5 NY reports that a struggle ensued, during which time the 4’11” tall victim was able to partially remove the mask from the suspect’s face.

In doing so, she immediately recognized the man as Joe Sotello, a longtime family friend.

She says she also noticed what appeared to be a handgun tucked in Sotello’s waistband.

She grabbed a baseball bat from behind the door and fought back in what police described as a “clearly justifiable self-defense.”

Home invasion suspect Joe Sotello (Kingsport City Jail)

Yeah, she whooped him good!

Two 18-year old females were also in the house and came to the woman’s defense.

Together, the three women physically drove Sotello out of the house and onto the front lawn.

The woman who had been holding the flyer took off in a car befoer Sotello could get into it. She was later identified to be Sotello’s girlfriend.

Sotello was arrested for aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and taken to a local hospital for medical clearance before sent to the Kingsport City Jail.

After giving several false statements regarding the incident and his whereabouts, police say that Sotello eventually confessed to his crime, stating that he “had been going through some hard times.”

Police say the victim was a foot shorter and 100 pounds lighter than the suspect but that didn’t stop her from teaching him a painful lesson.

And that’s why this is a ‘HELL YEAH!” story!

Great job hun!

Let’s hope this scumbag spends some time behind bars!


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