Thugs Break Into Home And Kill Family’s DOG, Then Notice Something Out Of The Corner Of Their Eye’s



A couple of Obama loving thugs decided to break into a home in Kentucky to steal whatever they could get their filthy hands on to supplement their income (welfare.) If that’s not bad enough, they killed the family dog. Absolutely sickening. 

The scumbags ran into a major problem because the homeowner was packing heat- and they got a dose of instant justice baby! HELL YEAH!

“Pop, pop, pop! And there was a pause, and then, pop, pop!” said neighbor Charles Graham. “And then a couple seconds later, he was running down the street saying his brother got shot,” WDRB reports.

According to the woman who lives in the house where the shooting happened, the two boys tried to break in, not realizing her husband was there.

Gary Dickman, who lives across the street said, “I mean, it’s a shame that you have to protect your house like that, but someone comes in your house like that while you’re home, then I guess you have that right.”

He said that he and his neighbors have installed security cameras on their houses because crime in the area is getting out of control. That seems to be the trend in America since Obama entered the picture.


Unfortunately, this is what’s happening in our country.

Personally I hope these punks get thrown in prison for their evil actions. Look, you don’t EVER KILL A DOG YOU FILTHY LIBERAL SCUMBAGS.

Maybe they’ll die from their injuries. Maybe they won’t. All I know is that these savages are completely worthless and don’t belong in civilized society.

God Bless.

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God Bless.

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