Thugs Storm 75 Year Old Woman’s Home, TORTURE Her… Then She Shows Them Who’s BOSS By Doing THIS

2nd Amendments



The Founding Fathers wisely included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights, which guarantees, “The right of the people to bear and keep arms shall not be infringed.”



This fundamental freedom protects the rights of gun owners and restrains the presence of criminal activity and tyranny.


“We live in fear, we used to sit out on the porch but we don’t sit out there no more,” says a visibly shaken 75 year old woman as she tells reporters about her recent brush with death when an assailant broke into her home, handcuffed her family, and threatened her life.

Thankfully, she had not only the courage, but the ability to fight back and defend herself.  


This was because the victim, Eleanor Ring of Loris, South Carolina, is a gun owner.


Eleanor Ring


Everything happened so fast.


Two burglars, a male and female, rushed into her home and quickly secured her family members while beginning to make their demands.  


While asking for the location of prescription pills and valuables, the invaders tortured their captives using a stun gun.


Things only escalated when a neighbor, a 78 year old man, came by to intervene. He was subdued and severely beaten, but distracted the captors long enough for Ring to make her move.


Ring told police that in the chaos that followed she was able to make it to her bedroom where her gun was kept.


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When she returned she looked the male assailant in the eye and asked: “So you want to play with guns?” Then she shot him, wounding him center-mass, before he and his partner ran off.


To all those liberal denies that claim there isn’t a need for a gun, that go so far as to mock us for claiming that the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun–I present to you this grandma with a gun.  


The only thing that will ever make a 75 year old in her sunset years equal to a male assailant in his prime is a gun.


All too often, many politicians and members of the media want to blame guns for acts of violence and use tragedy as a reason to restrict the fundamental freedom to bear arms.


We must not, however, ever take away the right to self-protection for 300 million citizens, due to the criminal actions of a handful of criminal scumbags and mentally ill maniacs.


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