JUST IN: Tim Allen Just DESTROYED Liberals With BIG Trump Announcement- You Will LOVE This

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In the world of television comedies, Tim Allen’s show, “Last Man Standing” is worth watching because it has Conservative values. The main character is a conservative as is Tim Allen in real life.

Allen came out and let his liberal friends in Hollywood know that he thinks that Trump is exactly what America needs and says he’s confident that our president will make good on his Inaugural Address promise to overhaul the nation’s infrastructure.

Allen watched the 58th Presidential Inauguration from the west side of the Capitol, and said, “He’s a worker.”

Allen pointed out that since Trump is and experienced and extremely successful developer said, “That’s in his wheelhouse. He’s a worker. He can do that.”

Allen, who attended the event with his wife, said that Trump appears to be focused on “realistic” projects that he can complete, Washington Examiner reported.

He said that the two once did a long, 6-hour charity dinner, and had lots of time to talk. Allen said, “He’s a reasonable guy and also a huge listener. And he asks good questions.”

The popular star whose Last Man Standing character sometimes echoes conservatives, also had high praise for the peaceful transfer of power that is represented at an Inauguration.

“This is a messy horrible process and we did it right. The French got stuck in revolution part of it, the Russians mimic this but don’t really do this. We do this really well,” he said.

“At the end of the day its stimulating, nothing like it,” added Allen.

America’s Freedom Fighters appreciates when celebrities come out in support of our President.

Tim Allen nailed it- Trump IS going to get America back on track.

And simply putting ‘band-aids’ on all of Obama’s failures won’t cut it- you have to GUT it!

These are good times folks and we can look forward to great times in the future.

Liberalism has turned from a lazy or kicked back lifestyle into a completely unhinged, racist, cop hating mess.

These people are foul.

It’s seriously unbelievable.

God Bless.

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