BREAKING: One Of America’s Last Conservative TV Shows Is Shutting Down- Watch As Tim Allen Delivers Emotional Message To Fans[Video]


If you are a Conservative, finding television shows that aren’t screwed up by liberal garbage is next to impossible.


That’s why I watch older shows that were made before this cancel culture, politically correct liberal garbage took over the airwaves.

It’s rare for a conservative primetime comedy show to air but one show that I love is ‘Last Man Standing’ starring the openly Conservative star Tim Allen.

Unfortunately the show is ending and Tim Allen sent a heartfelt message to fans of the show.

From WARNER TODD HUSTON at Breitbart:


Actor Tim Allen’s top-rated sitcom, Last Man Standing, came to an end Thursday after nine seasons, 194 episodes, and two networks. And after the broadcast, Allen and the crew of the show sent his loyal fans a goodbye message thanking them for watching.

“I don’t want to wrap up this story,” Allen admitted in the tribute video posted to Twitter. And explaining why his show was a hit during every one of its nine seasons, Allen added, “We honor family, we honor relationships, it gets the best of all of us.”

Allen told Fox News that it was hard not to succumb to tears while filming the last half hour entry which aired Thursday, May 20.

“Our prop guy said, ‘Which of these did you want to take?’ and it was pictures of the family from the hallway that was going away. I walked in and looked at Nancy and [I’m] literally surprised I got through that scene,” Time Allen said. “She really looked at me [and said], ‘Are you OK?’ and I was not OK.”

Last Man Standing is one of a few hit shows that not only spanned a decade but also spanned more than one TV network. The conservative-minded comedy was infamously canceled by ABC in 2017 because it didn’t fit in with the network’s slate of shows. But Fox immediately picked it up and the show saw another three hugely successful seasons.

Many fans were suspicious of ABC’s decision to dump the show in 2017. While running many liberal-leaning sitcoms such as The Conners, ABC seemed to have no room for the conservative-minded show or for Tim Allen’s conservative comments outside the show.

Allen is well-known for his right-leaning philosophy and his many positive comments about President Donald Trump. In 2018, for instance, Allen said that President Trump was accomplishing great things for America, despite the “drama” and the “theater” around his administration.

He also took aim at the left-wing cancel culture and lamented that comedy is falling victim to the left’s speech codes.

Not long before ABC cancelled his series, the 65-year-old actor said, “You’ve gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes.”

“This is like ’30s Germany. I don’t know what happened. If you’re not part of the group, ‘you know what we believe is right,’ I go, ‘Well, I might have a problem with that,’” Allen added.

Allen also slammed ABC for firing Roseanne Barr from her own hit sitcom, Roseanne.

“It’s a very icy time,” Allen said of Roseanne’s termination. “I’ve been a comedian for 38 years and I’ve never seen it, like Lenny Bruce said at the Purple Onion, ‘we’ve gone backwards.’ There are things you can’t say. There are things you shouldn’t say. Who makes up these rules? And as a stand-up comic, it’s a dangerous position to be in because I like pushing buttons. It’s unfortunate.”

So one of the last good comedies is done.

Thank God for re-runs and great older shows that weren’t tainted by liberal scumbags.

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