Tim McGraw’s Anti-Gun Concert Is The Latest Sandy Hook HOAX… Families Won’t Get A Dime


Sandy Hook families made it clear that they are NOT associated with this scam…


We recently reported that Tim McLib and Billy Currington would be performing at the gun control fundraiser for Sandy Hook Promise. After the major backlash from patriots such as yourselves, Billy Currington announced he was backing out from playing the fundraiser amid fan outrage. We applaud that decision although Currington says he will still tour with the gun grabber. We’ll see about that!

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We also did an article about McGraw’s daughter who apparently loves guns. Hours later she took her Facebook page down! So, this has been quite exciting! Maybe Tim should have just donated a couple million dollars to the gun grabbing group anonymously- but then we would have nothing to report on!

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Now here’s the latest development. Are you ready for this? The families aren’t getting a dime from this gun grabbing bunch of losers! That’s right! This is the latest SANDY HOOK HOAX folks! Unbelievable! LMAO!

In an official statement, the Sandy Hook families made it clear that they are NOT associated with the non-profit group Sandy Hook Promise.

“We, the undersigned families of loved ones killed in the Sandy Hook School tragedy, wish to publicly state that we are not associated with or supported by the Sandy Hook Promise organization,” the statement says.

“We wish only to provide clarification for the many generous donors that believe they are directly supporting the families at the center of this tragedy by contributing to the Sandy Hook Promise organization,” the statement said.

Sandy Hook Promise issued a written statement in response to the families statement:

“Sandy Hook Promise is an independent, national non-profit organization led by several Sandy Hook family members who lost loved ones in the shooting on December 14, 2012. Our mission is to protect children and prevent gun violence by providing awareness, education and programs in the areas of mental health, mental wellness and gun safety.

The proceeds from this concert do not directly benefit any family or family foundation, including those families who lead Sandy Hook Promise. All proceeds benefit our non-profit 501(c)3 Foundation which funds our protection and prevention programs. These initiatives in turn will help hundreds of thousands of children and familiesacross the country. Though all our materials and fundraising options make this clear, we thank the families that signed the letter to reinforce to their donors that the proceeds benefit Sandy Hook Promise.”

Good Lord! What a fricking mess! The bottom line is that this whole nightmare is all about 2 things- GUN CONTROL AND MAKING TONS OF MONEY! Nothing more, and nothing less…



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