It seems that every day brings another infringement on our rights, another unconstitutional law being passed behind closed doors, cuts to our military, excessive foreign aid and the list goes on and on. This country has become divided more than it has been in over a half a century if not longer. And this is a huge problem-we have always had the ‘left’ and the ‘right’. The more liberal side and the more conservative side and that has worked out fine until Barack Hussein Obama took office.

Obama has literally taken America to an all time low in so many ways it boggles the mind! It seems that not a day goes by without some sort of scandal comes to light and this is very disturbing to say the least. So the question is-how do we turn this country around and restore our once superior and respected position around the world?

The simple answer could be one simple word-UNITE! All of us on the ‘right’ need to band together and put aside our differences and unite together to defeat the ‘left’ which has become alarmingly aggressive in it’s policies, ideals and agendas.

In this past year alone we have shown that when we unite we do get noticed. We have had the truckers, the bikers, the veterans and others go to D.C. in large numbers and have made their voices heard! We also have had the Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment and thousands of organizations, pages and individuals on social media banding together expressing their concerns regarding the Democrats and their ‘progressive’ agenda which has gotten to the point of borderline Communism. We are in deep trouble and the only way to defeat these out of control liberals is to win elections and become the majority again.

People-WE NEED TO UNITE! We need to stop putting our own foot in our mouths! Sure we are pro-life, pro military, anti amnesty and we love our guns, Bibles and have strong morals, standards and beliefs-and that is all good but we can’t win if we keep trying to jam all these things down the throats of the undecideds and the Libertarians for that matter! We have to fight fire with fire! Ask yourself this-What was so appealing to (allegedly) more than half of Americans that they voted for an unknown community organizer that admittedly attended an American/racist church for 20 years, admitted to doing drugs. was raised by Marxist’s, sympathizes with Muslims and had all his records sealed not to mention had a horrible record in his short role as Senator. A man who says one thing and does the opposite-time after time! A man who can’t even put a sentence together without a teleprompter or two in front of him. And he got re-elected after a disastrous first term-which admittedly was most likely due to massive fraud. The answer is that he had the ability to-you guessed it-UNITE!

Of course we all know that he united the left by promising things that he hasn’t and never will accomplish. He united people with slick slogans, propaganda and the ability to bring people together with the promise of ‘HOPE AND CHANGE’. Well that hasn’t worked out so well now has it? But the fact remains that this man actually did what was necessary to win the election and that my friends is exactly what we need to do in 2014 and 2016.

So in closing I will say to you to understand that for one-voting for a candidate that has no chance of winning is as bad as voting against the Republican front runner. And voting Libertarian is the same as voting for Bozo-we have a 2 party system and that will not change for decades if that! So when the time comes to cast your vote remember to vote for the leader of the pack even if it isn’t exactly who you want-after all do you want Hillary Clinton as POTUS? I don’t think so!

By Clark Kent-3Americas Freedom Fighters

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