BREAKING: Democrats Are Now Trying To Do THIS To Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene- This Is Out Of CONTROL

Americans were warned that the democrat “task force” was openly investigating citizens whose values are Republican and Conservative, particularly PRO-TRUMP.  Then shortly after they stated they were investigating politicians whom hold the same values and beliefs.

As Fox News reports, A California House Democrat plans to introduce legislation Friday to expel GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress over her past controversial social media postings that already prompted her removal from committees.


Rep. Jimmy Gomez, D-Calif., said he authored the resolution because Greene, R-Ga., “had previously supported social media posts calling for political violence against the Speaker of the House, members of Congress, and former President Barack Obama.”

Gomez signaled in January he’d draft a removal resolution and build support, and Friday will mark the formal introduction. He’s gotten support from 72 Democrats as of Thursday afternoon, according to his office

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We all knew that once Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene openly supported former President Trump and even met with him after he was illegally removed from office, that she was going to be targeted and removed.


It would make perfect sense that Trump warned her and counseled her about the storm that was coming and that she too would face being forced from office.


Fox News continued their report:

Greene blasted the Democrats’ effort to remove her from office. She likened it to the ongoing election challenge in Iowa, where the House is weighing whether to undo the victory for Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, R-Iowa, who won her race by just six votes.

“There is nothing more threatening to Democrats than strong Republican women!” Greene said in a statement to Fox News. “Democrats are trying [to] overturn the will of the American people who voted for both myself and Congresswoman Miller-Meeks. This is a continuation of the House Democrats’ war on women!”

This goes far beyond a war on conservative women in office and will set a dangerous precedent for the democrats to remove any politicians that refuse to bend the knee to their agenda.

Mainstream media has vilified Rep. Greene for her beliefs and openly discussing them, labeling her a threat and a conspiracy theorist.  Let’s say it for what it is, if you openly oppose the democratic agenda, they will come for you and you will pay the price.

Fox News continues, Gomez is authoring a “privileged” resolution, which means it could come up for a vote at any time. But he’d need GOP support to remove Greene since a two-thirds supermajority is required to expel a member of Congress.

Gomez blasted Greene’s past backing of conspiracy theories surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks and mass school shootings but said he had to draw the line on threats of political violence.

Greene has come under scrutiny for past social media activity in which she “liked” posts calling for violence against prominent Democrats, including one post that said “a bullet to the head would be quicker” to remove House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

“Such advocacy for extremism and sedition not only demands her immediate expulsion from Congress, but it also merits strong and clear condemnation from all of her Republican colleagues,” Gomez said.

“… Her very presence in office represents a direct threat against the elected officials and staff who serve our government.”

The democrats are holding true to their promise to investigate politicians and citizens whom they deem are political extremists as well as white supremacists.

To be fair, Pelosi said Friday that a resolution to expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not backed by Democratic leadership.

“Members are very unhappy about what happened here and they can express themselves in the way they do,” Pelosi said during a news conference. “What Mr. Gomez did is his own view and that is not a leadership position.”

Still, one must consider when has it ever been acceptable to go after citizens and politicians that openly speak out about government abuses and overreach?

Peace and unity, more verbiage being used to manipulate and indoctrinate citizens by threatening those who do not bow to their dictatorship.

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