TOP Communist Democrat LUNATIC Admits It- She’s Coming For Your Guns- THIS Is The Plan


Biden’s Communist Gestapo are on a mission to outlaw guns and now that they control all three branches of the government we have a major problem on our hands.


These Communists don’t give a sh*t about the Constitution, The Bill of Rights or the greatness of America.

They care about illegal aliens, getting money from billionaire leftists and destroying America.

They are scumbags but unfortunately, due to a completely fraudulent election, they are in control and they have an agenda that they will push through their garbage at warp speed.



Okay let’s talk about an extremely racist, unhinged pile of garbage named Sheila Jackson Lee.

She is a real piece trash.

Career politician who has accomplished jack-sh*t with the exception of furthering Obama’s racist agenda and spending ton’s of cash on useless, corrupt democrat programs.

More from Rusty Weiss at The Mental Recession (MENREC):

In his article titled ‘Sheila Jackson Lee Gun Control Bill Will Create a National Firearm Registry, Require Licensing’ Weiss reports that

a gun control bill introduced by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee seeks to create a national firearm registry and make it illegal to possess a firearm without a license.

The minimum age for licensing would be 21, while possession of a “military-style weapon” – defined by Fox News as including “a broad range of semiautomatic rifles and handguns as well as some shotguns” – would be criminalized without it.

Lee’s (D-TX) legislation would also require psychological evaluations, purchase of insurance, completion of a government-run training course, and ban ammunition of .50 caliber or greater except for use by law enforcement.

“Anyone who has ever been hospitalized due to mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse, homicidal or suicidal thoughts or a brain disease would not be eligible to obtain a firearms license,” Fox reports.

Syndicated columnist Jacob Sullum calls the bill “draconian” and claims “it would turn millions of peaceful gun owners into felons.”

Gun Control Bill Has Similarities With Biden’s Vision

Hours before the election, President Biden solidified his stance on the Second Amendment with a tweet vowing “common-sense reforms.”

Biden promised that should he capture the White House, he would ban “assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

“It’s long past time we take action to end the scourge of gun violence in America,” he tweeted.

Biden’s campaign website is littered with radical proposals including:

  • Making gun manufacturers liable for crimes.
  • Banning assault weapons and standard-capacity magazine bans.
  • Requiring the registration of semi-automatic rifles the same as automatic rifles.
  • Buyback of ‘assault weapons.’
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His campaign site defines the Second Amendment as “limited” and vows to “pursue constitutional, common-sense gun safety policies.”

The great governor from the great state of Texas has this to say:

“This is an example why I want to make Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary State —> Gun control bill from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee would create national firearm registry, require licensing. We must erect a complete barrier to gun regulations like this.”

Democrats Radical Anti-Second Amendment Efforts

Sullum notes that Lee’s bill is far more radical than what President Biden has proposed, but the two share the same attitude toward the Second Amendment.

“Proposals like Lee’s help make Biden’s gun control agenda look moderate and reasonable by comparison,” he writes.

“But his attitude, like hers, shows that Democrats would be perfectly happy to expurgate the Bill of Rights if only the courts would let them.”

Biden has expressed a desire to work with anti-gun zealots in the past, suggesting he would have Beto O’Rourke (D-TX), a man who has vowed to forcibly confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens, play a ‘lead’ role in his efforts to reform gun control laws in America.

During the campaign, Biden made the wildly inaccurate claim that 150 million Americans have died due to gun violence since 2007 and used that to tell gun manufacturers that “I’m coming for you.”

Democrats like Sheila Jackson Lee are coming for lawful gun owners in extreme ways.

H/T Political Insider

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