BREAKING: Top Cop In This City Gets His Home RIDDLED With Hundreds Of Bullets… Here’s What We Know

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Police officers have a dangerous job, and with the climate created by President Obama and liberals both in Congress and across the country in groups like Black Lives Matter, being a cop has become hazardous to your health.

Which is precisely what makes these men and women in uniform some of the bravest American citizens in the nation, deserving of respect and honor.

Unfortunately, it seems police these days receive more bullets than “thank yous,” a fact evidenced by what happened to an assistant police chief in Atlanta.

According to reports from Fox News, a crime spree was underway in an Atlanta neighborhood where this lawman happened to live over the weekend, and it ended with his home and an unmarked vehicle full of bullet holes.

According to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, one or more suspects broke into eight cars in the County Walk subdivision of Monroe, which lies about 45 miles east of the city of Atlanta.

One of the cars that was broken into contained a firearm, which the suspect(s) took and then used to shoot at the home and vehicle of the assistant police chief.

Neighbor Brian Digby heard the gunshots and later discovered that he too was a victim.

“I couldn’t see anything and when I looked over to the driveway, I noticed that the truck was gone,” Digby said.

Authorities have said the shooting and robberies in County Walk were random acts and were not, as far as they know, connected to a recent rash of car break-ins in the Newton County area.

Local sheriff’s are adding a few extra patrols to the area and have enlisted the help of the public in their investigation to track down those responsible for the incidents.

Here’s to hoping they are found, prosecuted, and punished appropriately.



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