JUST IN: Top Democrat Makes Obama Wiretapping ADMISSION LIVE ON FOX NEWS


Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich is no fan of President Trump but he “can vouch for the fact that extracurricular surveillance does occur, regardless of whether it is officially approved.” 

That’s right folks, the Ohio Democrat revealed in a column he wrote for Fox News that he was ‘wiretapped’ back in 2011. Who was the president back then? Yeah, none other than Barack Hussein Obama.


Kuchinich writes that he “was wiretapped in 2011 after taking a phone call in my congressional office from a foreign leader.”

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“I learned about it two years after I left office,” Kucinich said. “Members of Congress ought to be aware that my experience was that my phone wasn’t safe in a Congressional office. Now, if they can do that to a member of Congress, they can certainly do it to a presidential candidate and they can do it to private citizens as well. Hello, America.”


Kucinich says that a reporter from the Washington Times approached him in 2015 about the 2011 phone call he had with Saif el-Islam Qaddafi, a son of former Libyan ruler Moammar Qaddafi.

“The newspaper’s investigative reporters called me, saying they had obtained a tape of a sensitive telephone conversation that they wanted me to verify.


When I met them at a Chinese restaurant in Washington, they played back audio of a call I had taken in my D.C. congressional office four years earlier.

At the time I was leading efforts in the House to challenge the Obama administration’s war against Libya. The Qaddafi government reached out to me because its appeals to the White House and the State Department to forestall the escalating aggression had gone unanswered.

Before taking the call, I checked with the House’s general counsel to ensure that such a discussion by a member of Congress with a foreign power was permitted by law.

I was assured that under the Constitution a lawmaker had a fundamental duty to ask questions and gather information—activity expressly protected by the Article I clauses covering separation of powers and congressional speech and debate. I could and did ask questions of the younger Mr. Qaddafi.”

“The reporters did not say, nor did I ask, who had made the tape. But the paper’s stories referenced ‘secret audio recordings recovered from Tripoli,’” Kucinich added.

“I have only my suspicions about their true provenance. The quality of the recordings was excellent on both ends of the call,” he said.

“I believe the tape was made by an American intelligence agency and then leaked to the Times for political reasons. If so, this episode represented a gross violation of the separation of powers,” he wrote. “I cannot say with assurance that my Libya call was the only one intercepted.”

Shortly after the Times story was published, he alerted congressional leaders to the breach and then let the matter rest, assuming that a series of routine Freedom of Information Act requests he had made in 2012 before leaving office would provide answers.

“Five years later I am still waiting for FOIA responses from some of the intelligence agencies,” he noted.

“I have never gone public with this story, but when I saw the derision with which President Trump’s claims were greeted—and notwithstanding our political differences—I felt I should share my experience,” he wrote.

“When the president raised the question of wiretapping on his phones in Trump Tower, he was challenged to prove that such a thing could happen. It happened to me.”


(h/t Western Journalism)

God Bless. 

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