BREAKING: Look At What THIS TOP Republican Just Said About Critical Race Theory (CRT)- No One Has Thought Of It Like This

As much as our nation tries to ignore Critical Race Theory, the blunt truth is that we absolutely should not be ignoring it because it is simply not going to go away.

As a nation we must address this propaganda and indoctrination as well as demand to know who exactly is pushing such hatred  left extremism in our schools, towns, cities, counties and states.  Because we all know the federal government is pushing and endorsing this indoctrination as well as the teachers union.


Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) warns so-called Critical Race Theory, which he says already exists in the U.S. military, aims to exacerbate racial division in the country by allowing discrimination against people based solely on the pigmentation of their skin, Breitbart reports. 

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During an interview with Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Brooks, also a candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, argued under Critical Race Theory that the belief that someone can make something of themselves based on merit is rejected, and it applies an emphasis on skin color instead.


A very real question is, when did we as a society become so submissive and reliant on politicians to tell us what to do, what to believe, how to live as well as allow ourselves to be programmed by corrupt and hateful indoctrination?

Skin color does not matter, nationality does not matter, an extremely large portion of people are walking around waiting for their next set of directives from a draconian system that is currently left extremism that is finishing the Marxism playbook and the next chapter is very real communism.


Breitbart continues with Mo Brooks statements over CRT:

“Well, unfortunately, if you saw the hearings yesterday, [Critical Race Theory] is in our military,” he said. “And what your listeners need to understand about Critical Race Theory, and I’m going to abbreviate it, summarize it somewhat is this — first, it’s Marxist. Second, it promotes racism.It teaches people to discriminate against each other based on their skin pigmentation. That is wrong. It tries to divide Americans based strictly on skin pigmentation, calling one group the oppressor class, the other group the oppressed class and recommends that the so-called oppressed class, again based strictly on skin pigmentation, not on wealth, not on job status or anything else that might be merit-based — it is strictly race-based and encourages the so-called oppressed race to rise up and do what is necessary to eliminate the oppressing race. And that is racial division of the worst kind.

“Any time you use a broad brush like this where you condemn one group of people solely based on their skin pigmentation, and you elevate another group of people solely because of their skin pigmentation, that’s wrong because, in America, you’ve got all ethnicities, all skin pigmentations that are in all segments of life, OK? Wealthy, middle-class, poor, president of the United States, United States senators, congressmen, governors — we don’t divide ourselves based on race or ethnicity evidenced by economic activity and how well people are doing regardless of race. But Critical Race Theory punches that right in the nose. It eliminates the idea that you can achieve a lot in America if you just seize the opportunities you have with the God-given talents you’ve been blessed with.”

We are a broken down society that is sitting here torn into pieces by those who seek to rule through totalitarianism and using draconian forces to force submission for those who refuse to bend the knee to their forced communism.


Our nation is a melting pot of all colors, all nationalities and those nationalities should be absorbing into American values because that is the very reason people from all over the world come to America!  Unless they come here to destroy our Nations values, freedoms, free-will, Constitution, Bill of Rights, the right to pursue happiness as well as destroy the right to live in a nation that is free of communism.

Seriously ask yourself how in the hell did we get here?  We need to stop blaming democrats and the deep state for overthrowing President Trump, because a free people would never have allowed tyrannical forces to take over our nation.

Trump knew all of this was coming, we had a large number of politicians and military personnel directly warn all of us what was coming yet none of them held strong against the incoming regime.    So clearly there is something far larger and way above our pay grades that has taken hold of our nation.

Look, the GOP is nothing more than self-righteous politicians that are self serving, they say a lot of what people want to hear but they provide 0 action behind their words.  That’s what politicians do!

Accept it or not but our nation has forever changed and once communism takes hold, there is no going back.  All one has to do is look at China and you will see a nation of submissive and extremely afraid human beings, they know if they speak out against their government, they will vanish and America is on the brink of being China 2.0.

Deal with the changes or take the knee, the world is a scary place but that doesn’t mean the fear should control you.  Love, humility, selflessness, courage, honor, valor and a united people could change the world, not those holding the whips.

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