BREAKING: Top VATICAN Cardinal CHARGED With Multiple Counts Of Sexual Assault- The Pope Is In PANIC MODE


The Catholic Church is finding itself right in the eye of scandal again as the Australian police charged a top Vatican cardinal on Thursday with multiple counts of sexual assault offenses.

Cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis’ chief financial adviser and Australia’s most senior Catholic, is the highest-ranking Vatican official to ever be charged in the church’s long-running sexual abuse scandal.

Rather that preaching to President Trump about how he should “build bridges not walls” while he himself resides behind a wall, perhaps Pope Francis should clean his own house and rid the Vatican of the sexual deviants  and predators that have infested it like cockroaches.

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The charges are significant blow to Pope Francis.  The Pope already has a serious credibility issue regarding his promised “zero tolerance” policy about sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

Pell has been subpoenaed to appear before an Australian court to face multiple charges of “historical sexual assault offenses” meaning the offenses generally occurred some time ago. There are multiple and numerous complainants and allegations against Pell. He is order to appear before the Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 18.

Pell is now 76 years old and has repeatedly denied the allegations.  The Catholic Church itself has made no statement regarding the charges being levied against Pell currently.

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Pell himself has faced years worth of allegations that he mishandled cases of clergy abuse when he served as the archbishop of Melbourne and, later, in Sydney. His actions as archbishop came under intense scrutiny in recent years by a government-authorized investigation into how the Catholic Church and other institutions have responded to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Pell stated in a testimony given last year that the Catholic Church has made “enormous mistakes” when it allowed thousands of children to be victimized, raped, and molested by priests, admitting that he erred by often believing the priests over victims alleging abuse.

More recently, Pell found himself the focus of the investigation due to allegations from two men, now in their 40s, accusing Pell of touching them inappropriately at a swimming pool in the late 1970s, when Pell was a senior priest in Melbourne.

Australia has no extradition treaty with the Vatican. That means either Pell volunteers to return to Australia to fight the charges or the Vatican could command the cardinal to do so.

This is another black eye for the Catholic Church and this abuse has been rampant all over the world with the church covering the tracks of the abusers for years.  America has not escaped unscathed by any stretch and perhaps Pope Francis would do best to clean his own house before telling President Trump how to run his.

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