TRAGIC News From ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’… His Family Needs Your Prayers


Do you remember the hit TV show “Dog The Bounty Hunter”? I used to love that show. 

And as AFF reported they are big Trump supporters so that makes me like them more.


But unfortunately, we have some bad news about the Dog’s wife, Beth Chapman.

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Beth has been battling with throat cancer and revealed that she has been diagnosed with stage II throat cancer. Apparently she received the diagnosis sometime last month.

Duane “Dog” Chapman gave an update about his wife’s condition on their podcast “Dog & Beth: Looking for Trouble.

On a podcast that he did solo (without Beth), called A Lone Dog, he took some questions and calls from listeners. Dog discussed the struggle that Beth is going through.


Beth Chapman is trying to stay strong despite being in an extreme amount of pain.

From Page Six:

“I’m good and she’s trying to do good,” the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” star said in response to a caller asking about their well-being. “On a 1 to 10 [scale] her pain is about a 9 so…she’s not good.”

Prior to her diagnosis, Beth exercised regularly, going for long walks with friends, strength training and doing cardio, which made the diagnosis all the more shocking for the couple.

“The doctor said she was the most healthiest 49-year-old female he’d seen, so this stuff can attack the healthiest,” Dog, 64, said. “You don’t have to be sick to catch cancer. She was really healthy.”

Despite the chronic pain, Dog said his wife is determined not to let this disease win. “This is not stopping her now. She’s bedridden but she’s up every once in a while,” he said, noting that she can’t move a lot because of back pain. “You just gotta keep going.”

This really sucks.


Like I said, I previously reported that the dynamic duo are Trump supporters.

Here’s a snippet from one of my articles I wrote during the election:

‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’s’ Wife Just Announced Her SHOCKING Choice For PRESIDENT… WHOA

A woman who makes her living capturing criminals on the streets of Hawaii has come out saying that there’s only one candidate strong enough to win her support- and it’s not Bernie Sanders!

Yes folks, Beth Chapman, the wife of Duane Chapman, known to most Americans as Dog the Bounty Hunter has come out in support of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump! She’s even donated $2,700 towards the cause.

“He’s just no pu**y. I’m sorry to use that word, but that’s the fact, he’s not a pu**y. When he says something, he means it,” Chapman said in an interview with Olivia Nuzzi at The Daily Beast.

Being “a person who works in the streets every day of my life,” Chapman says, is what makes her want Trump in charge.

Chapman believes that Trump will be a “law and order guy” in the White House. “The criminals are winning and I think there has to be somebody where, if he’s gonna say ‘no,’ he’s gonna mean it,” she said.

She also commented on Trumps remarkable success saying, “You know, it takes an exceptional kind of person to make it to the top, all right?” Trump has overcame the hardships in business that keep most people from making it to the top.

“That deserves admiration, because that’s a person who, you know, they can persevere, they can push through, they are a winner at adversity. That’s the kind of person I want to get behind,” she said.

Hell yeah!

Here’s a snippet from another article I wrote:

Dog The Bounty Hunter Makes HUGE Trump Announcement, Leaves MILLIONS Shocked…

A restaurant owner in Hawaii recently told Trump supporters that he didn’t want their business. It’s a liberal tolerance issue, you know.

The idiot, Robert Wagner who is a Hillary supporter hung a sign at his crappy Italian café in downtown Honolulu banning President Elect Donald Trump supporters. Bad move dude.

“If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis,” the lib wrote on a bright yellow, handmade sign, which he taped to his Café 8/12’s front glass door.

“This is my place and if I don’t want to serve a Trump person, I can do that,” he told Hawaii News Now on Wednesday.

Immediately after the story broke, social media blew up with Trump supporters slamming the restaurant saying they will never eat there again! Even Yelp got in on the action!

And so did Hawaii’s most famous bounty hunters- Dog and Beth Chapman, the stars of “DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER!”

Chapman spoke out, telling their 500,000 fans on Facebook that they’d never patronize the establishment.

Chapman told FOX, “I live in Hawaii and I voted for Donald Trump for President. I would never refuse service to someone based on whom they had supported in an election. It’s totally unacceptable for anyone to breed such hate in the ‘Aloha State.”

Business has gone down the tubes and the lib took down the stupid sign. 

He told Hawaii News Now: “If somebody came in and said, ‘Hey, I know you can’t tell who I voted for, but I voted for Trump, would you let me eat?’ I would say, ‘Sure, if you’re nice with me and I’m nice with you and you like my food, sit down, no problem.”

Why the change of heart brotha? What happened to the badass that said, “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis!”???

Warner’s wife chimed in with a ludicrous statement as well, saying if a Trump supporter ate there, “we don’t put anything different in your food.”

How reassuring. Thanks but no thanks. 


One patron, who said on Yelp he has eaten at Café 8 ½ for two years, left with his clients when they saw the sign.

“I was so embarrassed as my client read this (sign) out loud. I couldn’t believe what I saw…My client immediately turned to me and said ‘I guess we aren’t welcomed here.’ My firm will not patronize any establishment that serves up hate and discrimination and the word ‘Nazi’ just because of ones political views.”

Even though Hawaii is a liberal state, there are plenty of Trump supporters there as well and THEY have JOBS AND MONEY!

If you live in Hawaii, don’t eat at at this cesspool of ignorance. They obviously ONLY want your money.

Screw em all.

Simply unbelievable.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Duane and Beth Chapman.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below!



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