TREASON: Kerry Prays For ‘ALLAH’ To Bless Nuke Talks With Iran!


You can’t make this stuff up…


This is ridiculous. Not only are we trying to strike a nuke deal with a country that absolutely HATES America, a country that in no way, shape or form can be trusted but now we have John Kerry speaking Arabic! Lurch never ceases to amaze.

A reporter asked Kerry if he thought a nuclear arms deal could be reached before the March 31 deadline. Kerry responded in Arabic saying ‘ALLAH WILLING!” ALLAH WILLING?!?! Are you INSANE man? What a fricking joke this guy is.

The reporter named Laura Rozen sent out these tweets:




This is insane! The next thing you know ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ will be replaced by ‘IN ALLAH WE TRUST!’ For God’s sake we need these idiots to get the hell out of the White House before it’s too late! It may already be…

H/T Truth Revolt

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