20-Year Veteran Has Truck Stolen By ‘Worthless Dirtbag’, Immediately Does THIS To Him… [PICS]


Twenty-year Army veteran James Huff woke up one morning only to discover that his truck had been stolen by some scumbag. The veteran, who lives in Rowlett, Texas immediately posted a huge sign in his front yard showing his disgust for the person that committed the crime.

James Huff

James Huff

Huff, who did three tours overseas took 4’x8′ piece of plywood and painted a very clear message to the thief, whom Huff refers to as “a worthless dirtbag.”

He says he put up the sign to warn neighbors about the theft of his 2002 Ford pick-up truck.


“To the worthless dirtbag that took my truck

I gave 20 years of my life serving in 3 armed conflicts to protect YOUR freedom.

A freedom you pissed away when you stole what I earned. I hope your mother sees this so she knows YOU STOLE FROM A SOLDIER!”


James took to Facebook to post his message, saying he hopes the thief’s entire family sees the post so they know what ‘a low life’ the person is.

“Yeah, my truck got JACKED.

I hope the guy’s mother, his wife, his kids, his entire family sees this so they know what a low life this person is.

I’ve accepted the loss of my truck.

I’ve learned from my mistake and will have full coverage and an anti-theft device next time around.

BUT, I will sleep better at night knowing this dirtbag will never be able to hold his head high and be proud of who he is.

Something I can do every single day of my life.”


Rowlett police said they don’t have any leads in the case so far and said older-model trucks, such as James’s, are popular with thieves in the area.

Unfortunately, James only had liability insurance on the truck, which doesn’t cover theft.

“How can you hold your head up high and look at your family square in the eye? How do you sleep at night?” Huff told FOX4, speaking to the thief and added, “I sleep well knowing I work hard and earn what I have.”

“If they get caught their freedoms are gone, freedoms that I fight to give them. To provide, to protect,” he said.

Huff’s truck is white with a hydraulic lift and Army stickers in the back window.

James said the truck is a 2002 white F350 with a black lift gate, 18′ chrome wheels, 2010 mirrors and tail lights, and a tube grill with Army, Texas Hot Boats and North Texas Jet Boat Club stickers on the back window. The Texas license plate is GBL-2166.

(h/t Daily Mail)

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