Trump EVISCERATED Over Abortion Comments, But Hillary Clinton Just Said Something WORSE [VID]

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Last week, GOP front-runner and billionaire Donald Trump fielded a firestorm after he hypothetically suggested that if abortions were illegal, a woman seeking out the illegal service should be punished for her actions, and the nation collectively blew a gasket.

While Trump was merely siding with centuries of legal precedent – both parties in illegal transactions face prosecution – Hillary Clinton said something far, far worse, and there’s yet to be a peep about it.

Clinton appeared on NBC with friendly reporter Chuck Todd, who explicitly asked her if she believed that unborn children have Constitutional rights, and her answer was beyond appalling.

We know Clinton to be pretty far left of center, but her response is even to the left of Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood as a eugenic project.

Check out the pander bear in action:

“When or if does an unborn child have constitutional rights?” host Chuck Todd asked.

“Under our laws, currently, that is not something that exists,” Clinton said. “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights. Now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t do everything we possibly can in the vast majority of instances to help a mother who is carrying a child and wants to make sure that child will be healthy, to have appropriate medical support.”

She continued with the pander-fest, and stated that a woman’s “right” to choose is more important than the rights of the unborn.

“It doesn’t mean that you don’t do everything possible to try to fulfill your obligations, but it does not include sacrificing the woman’s right to make decisions, and I think that’s an important distinction that, under Roe vs. Wade, we’ve had enshrined under our Constitution,” she added.

Again, Clinton’s Constitutional understanding comes into question. Yes. Roe v. Wade did pave the way for legalized abortion, but no, it wasn’t for unrestricted abortions on demand. The case weighed heavily the protection of life versus a woman’s right to choose, and the final decision stated that once a fetus becomes viable, the state has a compelling interest to protect “potential life.”

Either way, it’s disgusting that she and so many others have zero regard for the miracle of childbirth and the life that’s created through it, and instead care more about the seemingly selfish aspirations of women choosing murder as a form of birth control. What an insane society we live in when the mere mention of punishing someone for seeking out an illegal activity causes outrage, but talk of murdering the unborn barely earns a peep from anyone.


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