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The DREAM TEAM! Make America Great again! It’s a sign of two people wanting to change the direction of our country for the better when the establishment hates both of them. These two have became, in many people’s opinion, the voice of the silent majority. While with most other candidates on both sides, it almost sounds like a recording speaking the same old tired campaign promises.

Trump and Cruz have made it perfectly clear that aren’t afraid to stir things up. It is the biggest reason I am hoping this duo decides to team up in the end.

From Red Right Republic:

WASHINGTON–Sen. Ted Cruz caused a stir when he met in July with Donald Trump. But the two could be making a joint campaign appearance soon, according to The Daily Beast.

As Reported By The Dallas Morning News:

The two Republican presidential candidates’ campaigns discussed holding an event together in Washington, D.C., and Trump invited Cruz on his trip to the border, a Trump insider told the website.

While other candidates have denounced Trump’s controversial comments on immigration and Sen. John McCain--including former Gov. Rick Perry–Cruz defended the real estate mogul.

“One of the reasons you’re seeing so many 2016 candidates go out of their way to smack Donald Trump is they don’t like politicians that speak directly about the challenges of illegal immigration,” Cruz told reporters in July.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s mutual admiration is turning into a conservative bromance—one that could have a huge strategic payoff for the Texas senator’s presidential campaign. Behind the scenes, Cruz has been methodologically developing Trump’s support. The two candidates have met in person at least five times and talk by phone occasionally. And in the future, they may even hold events together.

The two campaigns privately discussed a possible joint event this year in Washington, D.C., and Cruz was invited to join Trump’s infamous trip to the Mexico border, though a scheduling problem prevented him from attending, sources told The Daily Beast.

The two draw from similar segments of the Republican primary electorate—sometimes, almost too similar. In the video launching his presidential bid, Cruz made a passing reference to “make America great again,” which has since become the Trump campaign’s slogan. Trump applied for a trademark on the phrase shortly after the 2012 election.

Trump and Cruz have not made any secret of their mutual admiration. Cruz has had no problem developing combative relationships with other Republicans in the presidential field or in Congress, but with Trump it has been nothing but kindness. If anything, their public praise understates the curiously cozy relationship that the two have in private.

Trump has already said he would tag Carson as the next Surgeon General, which would be a perfect position for him. He also has stated he would appoint Trey Gowdy as Attorney General, I see the makings of a good… no a GREAT cabinet. Eight years of this group of people might give them almost enough time to fix the errors of the Obama years.




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