BREAKING: Look What President Trump Just BANNED… SHOCK


President Trump has been incredibly busy this week revamping our defense and building our military by creating a new spending budget designed to beef up our armed forces and the weapons used to defend our liberty.

But while Trump is in the mood to spend big in order to ensure our domestic security and to help us look stronger on the geopolitical stage, he’s also dropping the ban hammer on products from Kaspersky Lab.


Kaspersky Lab is a Russian cybersecurity company, so as you can see, there’s a real good reason for banning these products from the U.S. government, chief among them being the suspicions that they were vulnerable to Kremlin influence.

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Fox News is reporting:


The ban, introduced as part of the annual defense spending bill, codifies a directive issued by the Trump administration in September that federal agencies get rid of Kaspersky Lab’s software, hardware and other services within 90 days, Reuters reported.

The ban on Kaspersky Lab products signals growing tensions between Russia and the U.S. and its key allies over fears that the company has ties to Russian intelligence and that its prducts could be used for espionage.


“The case against Kaspersky is well documented and deeply concerning. This law is long overdue,” U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., told Reuters. She called the company’s software a “grave risk’” to U.S. national security.

Earlier this month, Britain’s main cyber security agency warned the British government about using Kaspersky Lab products in government systems.

Recent reports suggest Russian state-sponsored hackers exploited a Kaspersky bug at least once to hack and steal classified secrets of the personal computer of a former U.S. National Security Agency employee, the Washington Times reported.

One thing that definitely heightens suspicions about Kaspersky Lab is the fact one of their antivirus products “unintentionally” swept up an NSA hacking tool while it was conducting a malware scan of a specific customer’s personal computer.

The Lab is, of course, denying any connection with their products and Russian intelligence gathering, but seems like there’s at least some small chance they are lying.

In order to try putting some of these fears to bed, Kaspersky Lab offered back in October for the U.S. government to see it’s software source code and have it inspected independently, but no dice. Officials say the measure is not sufficient.

The company is not at all happy with Trump’s new law, releasing the following statement in response:

“All software, including various products more widely deployed in government networks than Kaspersky Lab software, can have vulnerabilities exploited by a malicious cyber actor.”

“Yet, Congress failed to address this fact or take a comprehensive look at federal IT sourcing policies to determine what improvements, if any, Congress could make to existing statutory and administrative authorities related to protecting government networks.”

Nothing fishy at all about a piece of software that just so happens to sweep away an important piece of online safety.

Given the circumstances surrounding the company, it seems like Trump is making the right call and doing his best to hold them accountable for their actions. Can never be too careful these days with cybersecurity.



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