Trump BLASTS The Pope With Brutal Statement No One Else Has The Guts To Say


Presidential front-runner Donald Trump speaks his mind and never has a problem disagreeing with anyone. In his latest interview on CNN Trump took on none other than THE POPE! LOL!

Trump responded to the Pope’s strenuous plea for the U.S. and other countries to seriously address climate change and work to protect the environment. The Pope, in his speech at the White House, said ‘global warming’ is “a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation.”

But Trump doesn’t buy into this whole global warming garbage. He says, “It’s called weather changes and you have storm and you have rain and you have beautiful days.”


Breitbart reports:


Trump adds: “Look, it’s weather. We have bad floods. I can’t watch the evening news anymore. Every time you turn on the evening news, they show there’s a big rain storm, there’s a tornado, there’s this. I mean, you can’t watch the news anymore. And so it’s weather, and it’s been that way for so long.”

He said America shouldn’t “imperil the companies within our country” by mandating environmental regulations that would “imperil jobs … actually the middle class, and actually the lower classes are going to be the people with no money.”

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“I believe in clean air, immaculate air. I believe in clean water, all of those things, but I don’t think we can destroy our country,” Trump stated.

If America does have the problem of climate change, Trump said, “it’s going to be of the nuclear form because we have incompetent politicians watching over us when it comes to nuclear weapons. THAT’S our big problem.”

Conservative Tribune adds:

Once again, Trump nailed it. He didn’t waste a lot of time trying to debate the issue and moved on to a topic more worthy of discussion — nuclear weapons in the hands of incompetent politicians.

You’ve got to hand it to Trump. He’s got what it takes to stand up to anyone that disagrees with him and there’s no denying that we need more politicians like that in Washington. Do you agree?


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