BREAKING: President Trump Ready To BOMB THE HELL Out Of North Korea- Here’s The Details



North Korea has been allowed to go unchecked and do as they please for the past 8 years under the Obama Administration.  While sanctions were placed against North Korea, they simply shrugged them off and continued their nuclear research and creating ICBM missiles.

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Truth is, the mainstream media is somewhat reporting that the U.S. is considering military might in North Korea and that tension is higher than it has ever been.  You can search it out and you will see it is buried under headlines that have nothing to do with anything vital in our nation or globally.


North Korea has made it very clear that they, upon completion of ICBM nuclear warhead, will use it against the United States.  All the UN and the U.S. did for the past 8 years was place sanctions and “highly condemn” the DPRK’s actions.

Now President Trump has no choice but to deal with Kim Jong Un and deal with him before a full scale war breaks out.  SOD Mattis made it clear to North Korea that if they keep this up, we will strike and will strike efficiently and overwhelmingly.

President Trump has asked for reviews on strategy to deal with North Korea and put an end to North Korea’s nuclear weapons threat.  According to the  White House, the use of military forces is now the focus of President Trump and that has some U.S. allies in the region on edge.


U.S. officials have also been discussing the use of military forces in recent discussions with allies.  During Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s two-day summit in February, U.S. officials on several occasions stated that all military options were under consideration to deal with North Korea.

The dynamics of the South Pacific are clear as glass and the tensions between nations grows hour-by-hour.  The reason is easy, North Korea is building a nuke they intend to use on the US.  The U.S. is sending a THAAD missile system to counter any ICBM launches.

China and Russia have united in their protests and threats against the U.S. deploying THAAD in South Korea and both nations have promised severe retaliatory strikes if THAAD is deployed.

People will bury their heads and scream that the news is spreading lies and war mongering.   I get it, the prospect of military conflict is a scary one, the thought of WWIII is a nightmare in which people whisper of end of days.

Blunt truth of it all is that conflicts happen, the world has been on the verge of WWIII for years and all it takes is a single spark to ignite the fuse.  So instead of being a nation divided that concentrates on a feud between Trumpers and anti-Trumpers, we need to unite.

It truly will have to be a nightmare scenario for this nation to wake up and come together against our true enemies.

(h/t Fox News)

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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