Trump Brings Legal Immigrant On Stage, Audience STUNNED After The Unexpected Happens

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On Sunday, GOP front-runner Donald Trump held a rally in Illinois, and things took a rather interesting turn.

He ended up bringing a legal immigrant on the stage with him, and the audience was left stunned after the unexpected happened.

Apparently while The Donald was speaking, he spotted a legal immigrant in the crowd below and decided that he should bring him on stage with him.

What happened next won’t be reported by the liberal media, that much I can guarantee.

The man expressed his unyielding support for Trump, then stunned the audience when he condemned illegal immigration as well. Naturally, his remarks were met with heavy applause, and Trump called him a “great guy” just before he walked off stage.

The exchange was brief, but it was a powerful endorsement for the billionaire, who’s often cast as a divisive racist who hates Mexican immigrants. Oddly enough, one of the groups that helped organize the protests in Chicago on Friday, La Raza, or “The Race” in Spanish, has yet to comment on the man’s remarks during Trump’s speech, and they likely won’t either.

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