Trump Has Just One EPIC Word For Cali Terrorists… This Is SPOT ON [WATCH]


Donald Trump isn’t known as one to be ‘politically correct,’ in fact he’s far from it. On the heels of the Paris terror attacks and most recently the slaughter in San Bernardino, California the Donald let it be known what he thinks about these radicalized Muslims.

While making a public appearance Trump described the terrorists with one blunt word.

Unlike Obama and the liberals that are in complete denial about the threat these animals pose, Trump tell it like it is.


Trump was speaking about how the jihads boast about how brave they are and don’t fear death because they will get their 72 virgins and Allah will be proud or whatever nonsense they spew when he said, “You know, it’s a whole big hoax that they wanna die. They don’t wanna die. They talk about, they wanna die. They don’t wanna die. They’re chickensh*t, believe me.”

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Classic Trump! And the crowd LOVED it! 


He’s right you know when you consider the fact that these scumbags commit their terrorist acts and then run away. If they weren’t afraid then they wouldn’t flee, right?

As Mad World News points out, this wasn’t the first time Trump has said something like this. During a speech given in Davenport, Iowa, he declared that terrorists – mainly the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) – were “chickensh*t.”


Have a look at this.

You can tell that Donald Trump is passionate about this whole Islamic garbage unlike our disastrous, Muslim loving president. And by the reaction of the crowd, Americans feel the same. Well, those of us on the right anyways.

The world is being terrorized by these Muslim jihadist bastards for no reason. It’s time to take these savage animals out. What in the hell are we waiting for? It’s unbelievable.

Patriots, we need a tough leader. We need a president doesn’t cater to the the Muslims and illegal aliens. We need a president who will LEAD, not bullsh*t. It’s time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 

(H/T Right Wing Tribune)

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