BREAKING: President Trump In IMMEDIATE Danger… Secret Service On RED ALERT

The media are one sided liars. We don’t take sides. But let’s be clear. Black Lives Matter and AntiFa are terrorist organizations. PASS ON THIS PHOTO of Peaceful Demonstrators being attacked by AntiFa with a flame thrower. You won’t see that on the damn news. Photo/ Cold Dead Hands


All of us can agree that the events in Charlottesville, Virginia ended in tragedy with 3 people losing their lives. 

The media places the blame solely on white supremacists while completely ignoring the BLACK SUPREMACISTS.


Yes folks, Black Supremacists are just as much to blame as the handful of KKK assholes and other NAZI idiots.

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But the media has completely ignored the actions of the Antifa terrorists and the violent paid leftist bastards.

No, it’s all the white peoples fault and of course it’s Trumps fault. Fu*k the media and FU*K THESE LIBERAL ASSHOLES.


Joe Newby at Conservative Firing Line reports that on Saturday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity exposed an online threat to murder President Trump over the violence that broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia.


“All conservatives deplore racism and hatred. This lying narrative needs to STOP. More media lies. Conservatives condemn violence in VA,” Hannity said on Twitter, referencing a tweet by a user whose Twitter feed is no longer visible.

A post at the Gateway Pundit noted:

A person named ‘Lorie Wise’ with the Twitter handle ‘lorie4040’ sent a series of assassination threats against President Trump on Saturday. As soon as Hannity exposed her, she panicked and deleted her tweets.

The tweets are no longer visible, but were captured for posterity.

“Donald Trump must be killed soon,” Wise wrote.  “This is what he inspires in people.”

Donald Trump must be killed? This lady is in big trouble folks. 

Another tweet called Trump a “child rapist” and said he should “drop dead.”

A third tweet called the president a “whackjob” and said he “should be killed ASAP.”

A fourth tweet repeated the word “die” 14 times and blamed Trump for the violence in Charlottesville.

As one person noted, the liberal media, apparently eager to incite violence against conservatives, have failed to report the violence from liberal protesters:

Another person wondered:

One would think that’s the case.

Threats and calls to murder President Trump are nothing new.  As we reported after the November election, several GoFundMe pages were set up to fund Trump’s assassination.  The pages were torn down shortly after our report.

Liberals have also repeatedly threatened to murder Trump on social media.  At one point, there were over 12,000 tweets advocating Trump’s murder.

The situation got so bad we reached out to the Washington, D.C., office of Maxine Waters, the Trump-hating California Democrat obsessed with impeachment and conspiracy theories involving Trump and Russia, to find out if she condemns threats and calls to murder the president and his supporters.

So far, Waters has refused to condemn those threats, leading us to believe that perhaps she harbors a secret desire to see this president assassinated.

We are contacting the Secret Service and bringing these assassination threats to their attention.






God Bless.

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