Trump Secretly Disappears For A Few Hours Overseas – Here’s The Unbelievable Reason Why


There has certainly been no shortage of media coverage as President Trump makes his first trip oversea as POTUS and while he is doing fantastic, the liberal media is slamming him and Melania. From no head scarfs, the way the First Lady is dressed, the holding hands ‘scandal’, and the strong message that the President is sending to the world, the liberal media is determined to bash the president to the best of their ability.

While the MSM does their best to cash in on anything they can spin negatively, they are missing all the wonderful things that President Trump is doing. And it’s intentional.


Case in point.

There’s one outing in Israel that media “conveniently” missed and it’s clear as to why they chose not to cover it. Because it is wonderful and the hateful libs only want to paint Trump as evil. They are assholes, frankly.

Check this out. THIS is Trump.


The Yeshiva World reports that President Donald Trump during his visit in Israel made a 14-year old girl’s dream come true. Emilee Imbar has been battling cancer for the last seven years, and has dreamed of meeting with the U.S. President.


Rachashei Lev is Israel’s national support center for pediatric cancer patients, and among their hundreds of invaluable services, they have helped thousands of pediatric cancer patients to achieve their dreams.

 Shimi Geshayed, Director of Rachashei Lev (pictured center) together with long time Rachashei Lev supporter, Prime Minister Benjamen Natanyahu, (left) were able to facilitate a meeting between Emilee and President Trump that neither of them are sure to forget. Despite the Presidents overwhelmingly packed schedule on his 27 hour trip to Israel, he was eager to meet this special girl and make her dream come true.

President Trump chatted with Emilee, asking about her health and wellbeing, and relating to her a little bit about the immense responsibilities of being a President of the United States. Emilee blessed and thanked President Trump, and presented him with a letter she wrote expressing her desire to meet him again – this time in the White House, where she hoped to do business with him, and maybe even to bring peace to the world. President Trump was visibly moved by Emilee and wished her good health and a speedy recovery. It was a momentous day for all.

Damn, that is BEAUTIFUL!

Okay, my good friend Amanda Shea at Freedom Daily reports that the local news outlet was the sole source of the story originally. However, if the mainstream media can find a way to spin this story into something grossly negative, you can rest assured that every outlet will be running it in no time. It’s disgusting that the Obamas got perpetually coverage of their fake warm and fuzzy things they posed for, but when any member of the Trump family does something actually genuine and on their won accord, it’s ignored or twisted into something disgusting that it is not.

The left wants the world to believe that Trump is a heartless, horrible man who is out to dupe us all, take rights away, and kill people he doesn’t like. Ironically, facts prove these things to be true about some of our liberal leaders. Meanwhile, if this first overseas trip has shown us anything, it’s how loved the President and First Lady are around the world. They aren’t swayed by the leftist media in America that slanders our leader for the sole cause of paving the way to an impeachment. People in other countries simply judge him by his actions and not what people say, since that’s what speaks louder than negative, spiteful words.

F all liberals. This is WAR!

God Bless. Source- AFF

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