TRUMP Drops BOMBSHELL On Obama By Pulling Out This Surprise Document… [PHOTO]


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has always been a critic of Obama’s policies and lack of leadership. But perhaps one of the billionaire real estate mogul’s most memorable anti-Obama endeavors was pushing for Obama to release a legitimate birth certificate. Of course, we all know Obama released a fabricated fake certificate eventually.

In fact, Trump once produced his own birth certificate to prove that he was born where he said he was born.

During an interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox  back in March of 2011, Trump dropped a bombshell. Unlike Obama, who still to this day has not released an actual ‘long-form’ birth certificate, Trump was able to provide his own birth certificate in less than an hour!



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 at IJReview reports:


In that interview, Trump explained why he was so hard to push for the release of President Obama’s birth certificate:

“He doesn’t have it. He spent millions of dollars on lawyers trying to get out of the issue. They give what’s called a certificate of live birth which doesn’t even have a signature on it, and anybody can get a certificate of live birth. It’s nothing to do with a birth certificate.”


Trump added that because no one ever came forward to say they delivered Obama as a baby, it added more suspicion:

“Here is the President of the United States and no doctor, no nurse, nobody’s come forward and said ‘I delivered that beautiful baby.’”

Despite Trump’s insistence to see Obama’s birth certificate, he refused to label himself a “birther”:

“To be honest with you, I want him to have a birth certificate because that would mean that his presidency was, I guess you’d have to say, illegal.

You have to be born in the United States. I hope he was born in the United States. But I want to get rid of the word ‘hope’. I want to know for sure.”

Four years later, the leading Republican presidential candidate still has streaks of Obama birtherism in him. In July, nearly a month after he began his presidential campaign, Trump confirmed that he still holds the same beliefs.

And so do I. 


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