BREAKING: Trump Just Got EPIC News


How many email leaks need to happen and how many more damning statements need to come out before Hillary Clinton is held accountable?

Wikileaks has now released its third installment today of another 1,193 emails from John Podesta.  Mainstream media has devoted untold hours to the Trump tape, yet little has been said regarding these continuous and ongoing email scandals for Hillary.  This is the fourth data dump in total from Wikileaks including the now infamous breach of emails from the Democratic National Convention. This batch is said to contain excerpts from a variety of speeches Hillary gave after she left the office of Secretary of State in 2013.



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It seems that Hillary can say or do as she pleases and the liberal media just keeps smiling and singing her praises.  Hillary apparently hates “everyday Americans.” Those of us that ARE everyday Americans? Well, we already knew that but it’s something altogether different to see it in writing. In emails exchanged between Jen Palmieri and John Podesta via his Gmail account, the two were hashing out a speech for Hillary to determine how a phrase should be used.  Hillary gave the speech in New Hampshire in April 2015.


“I think this looks good, but thought we were going to take one of the  small biz policy ideas — like access to credit — highlight that in her remarks?” Palmieri wrote after another staffer emailed out the speech they had written for Clinton.

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion,” Podesta replied.



In another email exchange Hillary praises Communist China and its leadership, stating America needs to become more like them. It seems loyalty to country and that concept of “America First” just doesn’t compute with Hillary. She heaped praises upon the Communist dictator, calling him “sophisticated and effective.” Meanwhile, China OWNS the United States, they are ripping us off with trade deals, taking our jobs, and laughing in our faces while they do it.  With people like Hillary and Obama in positions of leadership within this country it’s little wonder we get zero respect. Apparently, Hillary’s plan is for China to own us lock, stock, and barrel!

In several speeches given in 2013, Hillary praised Xi, who took his position late in 2012, as a promising new leader for the communist country, particularly as compared to his predecessor, Hu Jintao.

In a speech Hillary gave to the CME group in November 2013, a year after he took office, she states –

The new president of China is a much more sophisticated actor than his predecessor. He lived in the United States for a short period of time, actually lived in Iowa on a — on a farm. He was working in agricultural issues within the Communist party, you know, about 30 years ago. He is a better politician than his immediate predecessor, Hu Jintao.


The commentary is very similar to another speech from June of the same year where Wikileaks cites Hillary –

He’s a more sophisticated, more effective public leader than Hu Jintao was. He is political in the kind of generic sense of that word. You can see him work a room, which I have watched him do. You can have him make small talk with you, which he has done with me.”

Hillary also went on to praise Xi for  “doing much more to try to assert his authority” over the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the Chinese military in the same speech given at a Goldman Sachs event according to Wikileaks.  She argued that Hu had “never really captured the authority over the PLA that is essential for any government,” turning the PLA into something of a loose cannon “making some foreign policy” independent of the civilian authority of Beijing.

Since Xi took office, the PLA has been very active in the South China Sea.  This is where Xi’s government claims territory belonging to Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.  Nothing has deterred China from continuing to construct military facilities and artificial islands on territory it has no legal sovereignty over in the region. Yet, this is someone Hillary seems to aspire to be and holds in esteem.  Under Xi’s rule China also remains one of the biggest supporters of North Korea.


The Clinton campaign has never denied the veracity of these data dumps from Wikileaks, instead simply going straight into spin mode or damage control. The only time the accuracy of the data dumps from Wikileaks has been questioned was during the Vice Presidential debate where Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine said he had “no way of knowing the accuracy of documents dumped by this hacking organization”on CNN. “I don’t think we can dig in documents dumped by WikiLeaks and just assume they’re all accurate and true.” Except, the American people have found out that these statements have been true over and over and over again, nor has John Podesta or Hillary herself denied them. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of the DNC scandal fame came out and admitted her wrong doing, then promptly was hired by Hillary to work on her campaign to run for president. Just how much corruption has to be uncovered before this woman is put out of a job and out on the street where she belongs?

h/t – ZeroHedge  & Wikileaks 

God Bless.



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